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December 1 2022 7.17pm


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Hrolf The Ganger
Hrolf The Ganger

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: 'in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.' (Napoleon Bonaparte)
Updated 57 days ago

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Marital Status:Attached
Interests:Enraging morons
Occupation:Stop looking at my personal info sado.


October 05 2022
Stirlingsays : 'in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.' (Napoleon Bonaparte) 2.41pm
October 01 2022
Stirlingsays : there's more hype over our team than points to justify it. 10.40pm
September 18 2022
Stirlingsays : some people could be fooled into thinking we are in the off season. 8.33pm
August 31 2022
Stirlingsays : I'm slowing down....stick your pedal to the post floor! 7.22pm
July 22 2022
Stirlingsays : will always think the sash is the best kit. 11.43pm
July 17 2022
Stirlingsays : is hiding from Mr Sun.. 7.34pm
July 16 2022
Stirlingsays : is pissed. 10.30pm
July 13 2022
Stirlingsays : is beach body ready if the beach is Bognor. 12.42pm
Stirlingsays : is beach body ready 12.41pm
April 25 2022
Stirlingsays : on a break. 11.37am
April 11 2022
Stirlingsays : stomach still sensitive but pretty much fine. 8.13pm
April 06 2022
Stirlingsays : has been ill for a couple of days, still recovering. 7.35am
March 18 2022
Stirlingsays : is out drinking posh coffee. 11.47am
March 06 2022
Stirlingsays : no I won't but I've decided to take on a Ukrainian wife for the duration. 4.50pm

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Member Since:February 17 2009
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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