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June 20 2018 5.02am

Elite Membership

The site has established itself as the most comprehensive Crystal Palace Supporters' resource and is growing at a rapid rate.

We now have an upgraded server, which means pages load faster and gives the site room for expansion, but we need to maintain its costs.

We are continuing our Elite Members Club which will help pay for the cost of the server.

There will only be 50 available places in this exclusive club, so make sure you join now! A place in the HOL Elite Members Club costs 25 a year.

How do I pay?

Visit PayPal, go to 'Send and Request' then 'Send money to friends' and enter our email address with 25, and on the next page add a note with your username.

If you would prefer to send the money via bank transfer or cheque, please email

Elite Members

Elite Member Alanh Alanh Elite Member barnstormer barnstormer Elite Member becky becky
Elite Member bexleydave bexleydave Elite Member collier row eagle collier row eagle Elite Member eagleman13 eagleman13
Elite Member eddy666666 eddy666666 Elite Member Gee Gee Gee Gee Elite Member Guntrisoft Guntrisoft
Elite Member Ian@lowertier Ian@lowertier Elite Member kenbarr kenbarr Elite Member leslie-j leslie-j
Elite Member nessa nessa Elite Member OknotOK OknotOK Elite Member Penge Eagle Penge Eagle
Elite Member Phil O'Sophical Phil O'Sophical Elite Member prettypaula prettypaula Elite Member staffie staffie
Elite Member susmik susmik Elite Member thornton thornton Elite Member windsoreagle windsoreagle
Elite Member Young Beagle Young Beagle
You are here: Home > Contact Us > Elite Membership