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February 29 2024 7.06pm


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Rudi Hedman
Rudi Hedman

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Patience is hard. But necessary.
Updated 920 days ago


August 23 2021
FinchleyEagle Patience is hard. But necessary. 11.18am
October 18 2020
FinchleyEagle Roy. Have a go mate. 9.07pm
December 09 2018
FinchleyEagle Start badly. Team under performing. Sack manager. New Manager. Avoid relegation. Repeat. 2.09pm
September 15 2018
FinchleyEagle Get Meyer in the team!! 11.51pm
August 05 2018
FinchleyEagle Pre-season going brilliantly, being Palace something bad must happen soon... 12.18pm
February 11 2018
FinchleyEagle It's going to the wire 9.09am
December 13 2017
FinchleyEagle In Roy I trust 12.24pm
October 15 2017
FinchleyEagle One of the great Selhurst atmospheres and performances 10.23am
October 07 2017
FinchleyEagle Morons! Your bus is leaving 9.26am
October 01 2017
FinchleyEagle Hard times 7.35pm
September 16 2017
FinchleyEagle Some confidence needed, and maybe a good defensive coach 10.41pm
September 15 2017
FinchleyEagle Strong press conference Roy, a little excitement has returned - need a performance and 3 points tomorrow though 1.57pm
August 26 2017
FinchleyEagle Sorry Frank, you seem a nice guy, but you ain't got it 9.56pm
August 13 2017
FinchleyEagle 25 minutes was all it took for all the new season excitement to evaporate. Ouch. 1.12pm

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