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April 25 2024 4.48am


August 23 2021
FinchleyEagle Patience is hard. But necessary. 11.18am
October 18 2020
FinchleyEagle Roy. Have a go mate. 9.07pm
December 09 2018
FinchleyEagle Start badly. Team under performing. Sack manager. New Manager. Avoid relegation. Repeat. 2.09pm
September 15 2018
FinchleyEagle Get Meyer in the team!! 11.51pm
August 05 2018
FinchleyEagle Pre-season going brilliantly, being Palace something bad must happen soon... 12.18pm
February 11 2018
FinchleyEagle It's going to the wire 9.09am
December 13 2017
FinchleyEagle In Roy I trust 12.24pm
October 15 2017
FinchleyEagle One of the great Selhurst atmospheres and performances 10.23am
October 07 2017
FinchleyEagle Morons! Your bus is leaving 9.26am
October 01 2017
FinchleyEagle Hard times 7.35pm
September 16 2017
FinchleyEagle Some confidence needed, and maybe a good defensive coach 10.41pm
September 15 2017
FinchleyEagle Strong press conference Roy, a little excitement has returned - need a performance and 3 points tomorrow though 1.57pm
August 26 2017
FinchleyEagle Sorry Frank, you seem a nice guy, but you ain't got it 9.56pm
August 13 2017
FinchleyEagle 25 minutes was all it took for all the new season excitement to evaporate. Ouch. 1.12pm
May 21 2017
FinchleyEagle Any chance of no relegation battle next season please? 12.05am
April 24 2017
FinchleyEagle What a difference a good manager makes 10.07pm
April 10 2017
FinchleyEagle We must be brave, courageous and unified. We win or lose together, we must all fight for every point. The run-in is too tough for any blame 11.11am
February 24 2017
FinchleyEagle Unity & Passion needed against Boro. If we have those in the stands and on the pitch, then we have a chance 8.26pm
February 05 2017
FinchleyEagle No unity, no spirit, no fight = relegation 3.40pm
January 31 2017
FinchleyEagle A perfect away performance 10.00pm
January 21 2017
FinchleyEagle Feeling that this is a relegation season, just seems like it. Where will 7 wins come from? 6.36pm
December 14 2016
FinchleyEagle You would have thought with the players we have, we'd be doing much better 11.24pm
November 26 2016
FinchleyEagle Dipped in for the first time in months - laughed a bit, felt better about where I rank in the world, left again 11.41pm
August 16 2016
FinchleyEagle Violinists in tuxedos are tuning up... 10.48am
August 15 2016
FinchleyEagle When your most exciting player thinks that moving to EVERTON is a 'no-brainer' then you are not long for the Premier League 5.15pm
May 28 2016
FinchleyEagle The jury is massively out on Pardew for me - needs some decent signings and a good start... 5.22pm
May 23 2016
FinchleyEagle Cheers Pikester - one of them did!! 2.34pm
May 18 2016
FinchleyEagle My first child due on May 25th, Cup Final ticket paid for... Come on the missus, keep it tight at the back! 10.52pm
March 20 2016
FinchleyEagle The negativity of some of the fans is a contributing factor to our problems. Now we all need to be united. 2.17pm
March 19 2016
FinchleyEagle Liverpool, Man City, Leicester? 11.52am
March 06 2016
FinchleyEagle We're up to an hour of playing well in a game. Just 30 to go... 4.57pm
FinchleyEagle Time to step up lads. Beat the scouse and Reading and it's all looking good. Come on!! 8.38am
March 04 2016
FinchleyEagle The second halves are getting better, just need to sort out the first 45... 10.44am
February 28 2016
FinchleyEagle Too many cvnts pretending to be Palace fans these days 9.59pm
FinchleyEagle If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same 12.43pm
February 17 2016
FinchleyEagle Whatever happened to unity? 9.41am
February 15 2016
FinchleyEagle Stayed away after was swamped by idiots. Returned for a quick peek - christ its even worse. Every other poster is a bona fide cvnt! 6.36pm
October 28 2015
FinchleyEagle We just need a good striker! 9.02pm
October 24 2015
FinchleyEagle Time to bounce back lads! 2.11pm
October 18 2015
FinchleyEagle Dwight Gayle you silly, silly boy 9.47am
September 20 2015
FinchleyEagle is a well informed football "nut" 10.34pm
September 16 2015
FinchleyEagle Wonder if the Spurs defence are still having nightmares about Bolasie, should have had 6 points last season, hopefully we'll get them this year 2.41pm
September 12 2015
FinchleyEagle Selhurst rocking, best team in the league given a tough test, 9 points after 5 with City, Chelsea & Arsenal all played already. Looking good lads. Still should've kept Glenn though! 10.45pm
September 11 2015
FinchleyEagle Can we do it again, without Muzza?? 2.32pm
September 04 2015
FinchleyEagle International Week. Yawn. 5.08pm
August 28 2015
FinchleyEagle I'll take a point at Chelsea with Bolasie out. With him available reckon we could have won... 10.14am
August 16 2015
FinchleyEagle give them no time on the ball or get punished... 8.27am
December 31 2014
FinchleyEagle About time we had a decent manager, who also stuck around... can Super Al be that man? 7.19pm
FinchleyEagle About time we had a decent manager, who also stuck around... can Super Al be that guy 7.15pm
December 27 2014
FinchleyEagle The Palace rollercoaster continues... 8.04pm
December 22 2014
FinchleyEagle Plane you beat me to it! Happy Christmas one and all - it's only football eh... 11.46am
December 21 2014
FinchleyEagle Neil Warnock = 1 win in 11 games 12.12am
FinchleyEagle Neil Warnock = 1 win in 10 games 12.08am
December 13 2014
FinchleyEagle I'm the big bad wolf in your neighbourhood, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good 11.07am
December 12 2014
FinchleyEagle Back in the hood for the game! 1.53pm
December 03 2014
FinchleyEagle Moved again, now back just outside Bath - looking forward to the Crystal Palace pub! 1.45pm
December 02 2014
FinchleyEagle PE fans - check this out, its immense: 2.54pm
December 01 2014
FinchleyEagle Night game #2 this season, the complete opposite of last time please! 11.42am
November 23 2014
FinchleyEagle Much, much better 11.21pm
November 22 2014
FinchleyEagle Who will win the battle of the rubbish tacticians on Sunday... please let it be us I dont even care how! 3.58pm
November 14 2014
FinchleyEagle The boys were brilliant, couldn't have asked for more, can't wait for the next game... 6.40pm
November 04 2014
FinchleyEagle Warnock has made us more ragged, less disciplined and too predictable and easy to defend against. Something has to change or its back to the champ for us 9.01am
November 03 2014
FinchleyEagle First game in 5 weeks, since Leicester - can't wait ! 6.02pm
November 01 2014
FinchleyEagle Ahhh Planey I'm only messing... it may not be the death of our club !! 4.43pm
October 27 2014
FinchleyEagle Hmm takeover by yanks you say ? Would I swap the death of our club as I know it for the possibility of Colin being replaced... ? 6.36pm
October 25 2014
FinchleyEagle Missed 2 games now - Chelsea and West Ham and we lost them both. I'd just like to apologise and reassure everyone I'm back for the Sunderland game... 2.58pm
October 09 2014
FinchleyEagle Missing the Chelsea game :-( 2.48pm
October 07 2014
FinchleyEagle @Plane Im not mate - he just doesnt have what it takes and the players are sloppier as a result. Nowhere near as tight or as drilled as last season ! Still, we might get away with it because of 3 worse teams... 10.20pm
October 06 2014
FinchleyEagle still thinks Colin will take us down 5.59pm
October 02 2014
FinchleyEagle Will take a point at Hull 5.44pm
September 27 2014
FinchleyEagle Thought we would lose today when I saw the team - 3 DM's !?! But McCarthur came into his own and we pushed on - well done Colin ! 7.24pm
September 25 2014
FinchleyEagle Yes it is Mr Plane ! Disappointing, especially against 10 men - I always think a good cup run creates a buzz about the place... 9.06pm
September 24 2014
FinchleyEagle Cup Run ? 7.36pm
FinchleyEagle Cup Run ? 7.36pm
September 21 2014
FinchleyEagle We did it again ! Get in 7.04pm
September 19 2014
FinchleyEagle Hoping we can do it again at Goodison 11.18pm
September 14 2014
FinchleyEagle is concerned. Yesterday was like watching a championship game - what has happened to the belief ?? 7.02pm
September 08 2014
FinchleyEagle @Planey - hard to tell. Although as a mate put it 'if you've got an arse the size of a range rover, it doesn't matter how good your nails are'... 6.34pm
September 04 2014
FinchleyEagle Cheers Planey, taking some getting used to - Peckham Rye train station - I counted 9 beauty salons in the first 100 yards, all packed... 9.10pm
August 31 2014
FinchleyEagle Back in the badlands 9.00pm
August 30 2014
FinchleyEagle Coming back down south... no longer 'Finchley' Eagle - more Forest Hill Eagle - back to the badlands, but at least its not Croydon 4.25pm
August 27 2014
FinchleyEagle I guess after having Pulis I thought we could attract successful premiership managers. I guess I was wrong. 5.42pm
August 24 2014
FinchleyEagle My kingdom for David Moyes 6.18pm
August 16 2014
FinchleyEagle @Plane - I know mate, I know. Still, when you cant learn anymore you're probably dead !! @Cucking - spot on mate 1.42pm
August 15 2014
FinchleyEagle Fair enough Planey - was a bit stunned yesterday ! The great rollercoaster continues - the biggest surprise for me is that I was surprised... 6.03pm
August 14 2014
FinchleyEagle It was just all going too well wasn't it ? Decent signings, top manager, optimistic for the season, all gone to s***....! Gutted ! 10.01pm
May 08 2014
FinchleyEagle am reading 'be careful what you wish for' it's very entertaining ! 2.01pm
May 06 2014
FinchleyEagle Not at all impressed by the POTY Awards - Amateur hour all the way through and the HOL guy saying the YPOTY 'wasnt even close' nice one fella - bet the other nominees felt good when you said that ! 11.36pm
FinchleyEagle Not at all impressed by the POTY Awards - Amateur hour all the way through and the HOL guy saying the YPOTY 'wasnt even close' nice one fella - be the other nominees felt good when you said that ! 11.36pm
FinchleyEagle Looking forward to POTY tonight after the mayhem last night 1.17pm
April 19 2014
FinchleyEagle @Planey - today we are going to WIN 12.20pm
April 18 2014
FinchleyEagle @Planey - heheheh I'll see what I can do fella... 11.56am
April 16 2014
FinchleyEagle We can get at least a point tonight 7.02pm
April 12 2014
FinchleyEagle Almost there... 7.36pm
FinchleyEagle Bring. The. Noise. 8.01am
April 10 2014
FinchleyEagle Top work Planester 11.58am
April 09 2014
FinchleyEagle Oh Planey - the irony mate !! ;-) 11.20am
April 07 2014
FinchleyEagle Who are these impostors in Palace shirts winning back to back games, home and away, against title chasers and relegation rivals ?? 11.26am
April 05 2014
FinchleyEagle Calm heads and keeping on the gameplan lads, we'll be fine 12.56pm
FinchleyEagle Calm heads and keeping ont he gameplan lads, we'll be fine 12.56pm
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