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May 19 2024 12.30am

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loving being back playing Ryman prem football
Updated 4210 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Single
Birthday:February 1 1984
Location:Maidstone England (England)


November 07 2012
blakes08 loving being back playing Ryman prem football 7.19am
October 03 2012
blakes08 Walking in a Dougie wonderland 6.45am
May 02 2012
blakes08 Has prob got one of the best 7 aisde teams in the uk :) 2.36pm
November 07 2011
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 1.53pm
November 02 2011
blakes08 has changed his favourite player to Alex Marrow 1.48pm
blakes08 is now Single 1.47pm
August 18 2011
blakes08 contemplating hull this weekend 12.56pm
July 15 2011
blakes08 New season tickets... purchased! 9.10am
June 30 2011
blakes08 FREEEEEEE 1.09pm
April 15 2011
blakes08 the legal system is a joke 11.56am
April 14 2011
blakes08 Cannot wait to get up selhurst sat, missed it big time! 8.33pm
April 09 2011
blakes08 afternoon people!!! long time since i been on here!!! 12.31pm
January 28 2011
blakes08 Last day for a long time ill be on the HOL... take care people! 9.14am
January 27 2011
blakes08 thinking of a getting a palace tattoo... but what! 10.13am

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Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Upper - Block L Row 5 Seat 26

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Member Since:July 20 2010

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