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November 28 2021 2.12pm


November 07 2012
blakes08 loving being back playing Ryman prem football 7.19am
October 03 2012
blakes08 Walking in a Dougie wonderland 6.45am
May 02 2012
blakes08 Has prob got one of the best 7 aisde teams in the uk :) 2.36pm
November 07 2011
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 1.53pm
November 02 2011
blakes08 has changed his favourite player to Alex Marrow 1.48pm
blakes08 is now Single 1.47pm
August 18 2011
blakes08 contemplating hull this weekend 12.56pm
July 15 2011
blakes08 New season tickets... purchased! 9.10am
June 30 2011
blakes08 FREEEEEEE 1.09pm
April 15 2011
blakes08 the legal system is a joke 11.56am
April 14 2011
blakes08 Cannot wait to get up selhurst sat, missed it big time! 8.33pm
April 09 2011
blakes08 afternoon people!!! long time since i been on here!!! 12.31pm
January 28 2011
blakes08 Last day for a long time ill be on the HOL... take care people! 9.14am
January 27 2011
blakes08 thinking of a getting a palace tattoo... but what! 10.13am
January 26 2011
blakes08 ooh see you there miss Walshy :) 1.37pm
blakes08 Some people in this site really are stupid and cannot for the life of them READ 11.14am
January 25 2011
blakes08 End Of An Era 2.48pm
January 21 2011
blakes08 blaring out the day 26 in the office on my larry... perfect friday afternoon 1.31pm
blakes08 Hotel viewings tomorrow morning :( then palace pick up 3pts!! 9.25am
January 18 2011
blakes08 yes mate its my birthday so day off... going london bit of shopping then watford!!! 10.47am
blakes08 Never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die! 9.28am
January 17 2011
blakes08 hates it when people from the past say 'whats happened to you blake, you could of made it' cheers mate just run my nuts off for 90mins! lol 4.54pm
January 13 2011
blakes08 Has noticed a fair few new people on the HOL... who all talk s*** 11.06am
January 12 2011
blakes08 has got all the boys round sat to watch the game :) 10.19am
January 11 2011
blakes08 is happy happy happy... just neeed a new manager then sorted 1.04pm
January 10 2011
blakes08 where to take the misses in the summer!!! 2.10pm
January 07 2011
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 4.18pm
blakes08 toothache.. ouch!! 3.36pm
blakes08 haha i wish mate!! 10.56am
blakes08 smashed someone up the ass this morning!!! damn 9.15am
January 06 2011
blakes08 adele .. feel my love!!! 5.51pm
blakes08 its the same as SOP! short for soppy!! now people use it for all reasons !!! 12.37pm
blakes08 originally it was used to call people who were loved up and gone all soppy! melted as such!! but .. now peope call people it for anything! 11.15am
blakes08 half the people that use the word melt doesnt even know .. they just think there cool using it 10.41am
January 05 2011
blakes08 Dinner with the misses then football with the lads... perfect! 5.00pm
blakes08 away robyn!! to swansea 4.46pm
blakes08 away robyn!! to bristol!!! 4.45pm
blakes08 whats that about robyn? 4.13pm
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 3.22pm
blakes08 Women.. moan at men for leaving the toilet seat up yet they leave my bathroom in a complete messssss 2.39pm
blakes08 name and shame robyn 12.14pm
blakes08 Ebbsfleet sat, hopefully westy can bang a few in! 10.57am
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 10.17am
December 31 2010
blakes08 NYE means only 1 thing... OFFKEY!!! 9.10am
December 30 2010
blakes08 wellll.... that was an eventful xmas!! loving the new breitling watch!! 10.32am
December 24 2010
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 9.03am
blakes08 aint too sure yet, gotta pick him up from woolwich at 11.30 so depends what time i get down! 8.58am
blakes08 haha! you going boxing day? 8.40am
December 23 2010
blakes08 which is??? ;) 3.10pm
blakes08 Taking my boy to his first palace game boxing day :) 11.20am
December 22 2010
blakes08 Trey and Neyo in concert....... Sorted 1.56pm
December 21 2010
blakes08 Got My Deuces Up 1.03pm
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 1.02pm
December 17 2010
blakes08 Weekend in brighton with the misses... may aswell!!! 3.21pm
blakes08 is now Attached 3.20pm
December 16 2010
blakes08 Get uppp.... game on sunday :) stroll in the park sunday league football 2.34pm
blakes08 5 weeks today off the alcohol... lordy me!! 12.12pm
blakes08 CRAZYYYY woman!! 11.00am
December 13 2010
blakes08 has updated his profile photo 2.45pm
December 10 2010
blakes08 i WANT that Flat.. lush! 11.08am
December 08 2010
blakes08 Season tickets moved to Block C..... when asked what to do with my old tickets the woman says.. just dont be cheeky and let others use them to get in?? haha 11.47am
December 03 2010
blakes08 egt n.. signing for maidstone fc when the snow clears :) 9.49am
blakes08 wicked mood today :) 9.01am
December 02 2010
blakes08 Only 1 at work.. my dad best be grateful! 10.55am
blakes08 you make it to work? 9.40am
December 01 2010
blakes08 no comment Kat 3.53pm
blakes08 true.. more of a kat slater accent aint it!! 3.49pm
blakes08 true.. more of a 3.48pm
blakes08 you have to do it in a sexy spanish accent!! 3.36pm
blakes08 Hola 3.30pm
blakes08 My computer has Aids! 12.53pm
blakes08 apparently your boss wishes you hadnt either ;) 10.09am
blakes08 Great employees... making dicks while at work!!! 10.02am
blakes08 snow dick.... i bet you and lauren are well excited with that 10.00am
blakes08 They say hello, they hola they say Bonjour!! 9.44am
blakes08 Bonjour ;) 9.22am
blakes08 well that was atrek to get to work! 9.05am
November 30 2010
blakes08 looking forward to seeing his 2 best pals get it on in the cage sunday night 3.14pm
November 29 2010
blakes08 Never allowed alcohol again... EVER 11.47am
November 27 2010
blakes08 outta hospital and straight to selhurst!!!! 10.20am
November 17 2010
blakes08 wishes this Rhianna song would f*** off outta my head... oh na na whats my name!! f***s sake 5.34pm
blakes08 ever so nice... im having a night in with the lil bro... fajitas and corona and watch france play :) 3.45pm
blakes08 thinks i may have to shoot myself.... 10.25am
November 16 2010
blakes08 Cannot wait till the 3rd Dec.. a whole weekend with my lil man :) 3.00pm
blakes08 No, sittingbourne!!! 2.14pm
blakes08 off to watch a bit of non league football tonight 1.54pm
blakes08 crystal palace to win the league walshy 1000-1 :) 12.23pm
November 12 2010
blakes08 were leaving maidstone at 12 so more about 1ish!! 5.19pm
blakes08 3 of my mates are coming tomorrow, wanted to introduce them to my palace buddy but fine more sambucca for me! 2.00pm
blakes08 knob!!!! :) 1.55pm
blakes08 No im not? 1.48pm
blakes08 i am indeed... mates driving up so just wondering where to park regarding what pub i go too!! 1.40pm
blakes08 1.36pm
blakes08 where you drinking tomorrow james? 1.33pm
blakes08 Football and Boxing sat.... what more can a bloke want! 9.37am
November 11 2010
blakes08 Kent cup on sunday... lets retain the title... early night sat :( 12.06pm
November 09 2010
blakes08 Court today... then palace tonight!! sorted 9.29am
November 08 2010
blakes08 just did something i felt sick doing... buying a liverpool shirt 12.30pm
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