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palace till i die!
Updated 3149 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Attached
Birthday:March 22 1977
Location:Holmesdale Lower, block B England (England)
Interests:football and rugby
Occupation:resturant manager


June 07 2013
b4n5h33 palace till i die! 9.15pm
October 01 2011
b4n5h33 3 - 1 we beat the scum 3 - 1 5.43pm
July 24 2011
b4n5h33 posh away, i'll be there! 9.52pm
January 19 2011
b4n5h33 will not be happy if we move grounds 6.26pm
August 23 2010
b4n5h33 has updated her season ticket 9.01pm
August 08 2010
b4n5h33 Zaha looks like the muts nuts!! 5.30pm
July 13 2010
b4n5h33 Roll on the 7th of august!! 8.18pm
July 06 2010
b4n5h33 hup hup holland!! & well done Squaddie-Eagle 10.07pm
b4n5h33 hup hup holland!! 10.06pm
June 30 2010
b4n5h33 gutted that danny b has gone :/ 6.46pm
June 10 2010
b4n5h33 has updated her profile photo 5.40pm
June 08 2010
b4n5h33 The hallowed turf and club are one again 8.23pm
June 01 2010
b4n5h33 Today made me so proud, So many people came on short notice, and i know the ones that couldnt make it were there in spirit 1.02am
May 30 2010
b4n5h33 on the march tomorrow see you at 3pm at selhurst 9.45pm

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block B Row 17 Seat 31

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Member Since:May 18 2004

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