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June 22 2024 10.33am
Lewisham Eagle

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Lewisham Eagle

May have presented HOL radio earlier....
Updated 4191 days ago

General Info

Location:Lewisham Croatia (Croatia)
Occupation:No Longer a Student


December 31 2012
Lewisham Eagle May have presented HOL radio earlier.... 12.33am
June 01 2012
Lewisham Eagle has changed his country to Croatia 10.32pm
February 20 2012
Lewisham Eagle Bubbs you are a legend! 8.24pm
January 15 2012
Lewisham Eagle Pleased to hear Ross has been in contact with his family 12.45pm
January 14 2012
Lewisham Eagle Hopes everything is ok with Ross and he is found as soon as possible 1.02am
October 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle Quite fancy a trip to Lithuania ST. 11.02pm
October 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle You talk like Manchester United fans are from Manchester Bubbs. Majority down here would probably be hurting more from a loss to Chelsea or Arsenal. 10.43am
September 29 2011
Lewisham Eagle Oh hello HOL 11.20am
September 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle Already has butterflies in my stomach for the Brighton game..... Come on you Palace! 8.43pm
August 28 2011
Lewisham Eagle Has a Brighton ticket! 5.29pm
August 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle Thinks the blame Andy Dorman thread had potential 2.08pm
August 20 2011
Lewisham Eagle Just had a look at the Championship table and we are in the dizzy heights of 4th. Looks weird 6.17pm
Lewisham Eagle Palace win away finally! feels good 5.43pm
August 16 2011
Lewisham Eagle Wow just speechless after that 10.59pm

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Member Since:August 5 2005

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