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April 21 2024 9.34pm


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cupid stunt

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Frustrating result tonight but we move on... Bring on Man City Saturday
Updated 3021 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:May 29 1981
Location:Carshalton England (England)
Interests:Family & Palace, No room for anything else!
Occupation:Purchasing Manager @ SMC


January 12 2016
_Bubble_ has updated his occupation 9.52pm
_Bubble_ has updated his interests 9.52pm
_Bubble_ has updated his profile photo 9.52pm
_Bubble_ Frustrating result tonight but we move on... Bring on Man City Saturday 9.47pm
January 20 2014
_Bubble_ is Proud to be Palace!!! 8.53pm
May 17 2013
_Bubble_ is going to Wembley!! COME ON THE PALACE!! :) 12.25pm
February 17 2013
_Bubble_ is loving the Palace as always :) 11.53pm
August 25 2012
_Bubble_ is keeping the faith in Dougie!!! 9.35pm
January 07 2012
_Bubble_ Now saving up for next christmas!! 3.09pm
September 26 2011
_Bubble_ Can we fast forward to tomorrow night now please!! 11.57pm
September 24 2011
_Bubble_ is it? yes it is, isn't it? yes but of course! 7.53pm
_Bubble_ Nobody Panic, it will all be gravy come the end of the season. 7.52pm
February 02 2011
_Bubble_ Loves the rollercoaster that is Crystal Palace 8.08pm
January 30 2011
_Bubble_ is looking forward to finding out if there are going to be anymore new recruits tomorrow... 9.07pm

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Member Since:February 7 2005

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