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October 28 2016 1.04pm

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banjaxed back.bollox.
Updated 5 hours ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Location:Rawlinsons end.(the Cronx) England (England)
Interests:Palace,sasha grey,curry,paint brushes, scuttles & fitches
Occupation:jumped up pantry boy /cad./decorator to the people


kingdowieonthewall banjaxed back.bollox. 7.16am
kingdowieonthewall nice hips though... 2.48pm
kingdowieonthewall Agreed Unc.hoof. Methinks PTJ has the inside track on Michaela, or would like too have. One knows how this normally pans out. 2.42pm
October 26 2016
kingdowieonthewall -56 7.43am
October 25 2016
kingdowieonthewall its Tuesday morning & carol kirkwoods bangers look pretty epic today 7.45am
October 23 2016
kingdowieonthewall rose wine=ruff 10.00am
October 22 2016
kingdowieonthewall COME ON YOU PALACE!! 2.52pm
October 21 2016
kingdowieonthewall but hopefully not a 'horses collar' dannyh ! 5.19pm
October 20 2016
kingdowieonthewall suspects carol kirkwood may have nipples like monkeys fingers 5.10pm
October 17 2016
kingdowieonthewall thinks carol kirkwood has a magnificent rack this morning 7.24am
October 15 2016
kingdowieonthewall lurgie 6.45am
October 12 2016
kingdowieonthewall thinking things over 7.11pm
October 09 2016
kingdowieonthewall time delayed hangover. bad one. 1.43pm
kingdowieonthewall time delayed angover. bad one. 1.43pm

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Fav. Player:Julian Speroni

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Member Since:February 23 2005

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