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March 1 2024 7.51pm

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cmon u palace
Updated 99 days ago

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Marital Status:Married
Location:Sussex, ex-Cronx. England (England)
Interests:Palace, cooking.


November 23 2023
kingdowieonthewall cmon u palace 7.18am
kingdowieonthewall cmon 7.17am
November 21 2023
kingdowieonthewall somewhat like life, the HOL slowly gets duller as the left work their magic 8.20pm
November 14 2023
kingdowieonthewall just what HOL needs..another rabid marxist posting. jeez. 8.26pm
September 08 2023
kingdowieonthewall Tennents 8.15pm
July 07 2023
kingdowieonthewall welcome back dannyH 1.40pm
April 30 2023
kingdowieonthewall old scrote 8.12pm
April 08 2023
kingdowieonthewall COYP !! 11.20am
March 21 2023
kingdowieonthewall asked for some luck & got Woy...... 4.03pm
March 19 2023
kingdowieonthewall how about some luck for a change? 1.56pm
December 26 2022
kingdowieonthewall cmon you Palace! 7.52am
December 21 2022
kingdowieonthewall off to Arundel for a sesh tonight. 8.42am
November 07 2022
kingdowieonthewall can i have a sub Jim if you get a win? 6.46pm
November 06 2022
kingdowieonthewall lurgie Del? 2.43pm

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Member Since:February 23 2005

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