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May 26 2017 7.51pm

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Updated 4 hours ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Location:Rawlinsons end.(the Cronx) England (England)
Interests:Palace,pieter bruegel(elder),CURRY & cooking,paint brushes, scuttles & fitches
Occupation:jumped up pantry boy /cad./decorator to the people


kingdowieonthewall scruffs! 3.04pm
May 14 2017
kingdowieonthewall lovely!Lovely! 2.07pm
May 08 2017
kingdowieonthewall f***ed up back 6.22pm
kingdowieonthewall . 6.22pm
May 06 2017
kingdowieonthewall w***ers on here.sickening, they'd prefer to be right and we go down.s***pots 6.47pm
kingdowieonthewall w***ers on here. 6.47pm
April 15 2017
kingdowieonthewall has updated his interests 3.32pm
February 25 2017
kingdowieonthewall play with passion palace. 12.23pm
February 04 2017
kingdowieonthewall please go wayne 5.38pm
January 30 2017
kingdowieonthewall c;mon palace 8.56pm
January 28 2017
kingdowieonthewall boring palace 4.57pm
January 21 2017
kingdowieonthewall .JULES 7.45am
January 16 2017
kingdowieonthewall chicken fest 5.35pm
January 07 2017
kingdowieonthewall COYP 2.25pm

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Fav. Player:Julian Speroni

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Member Since:February 23 2005

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