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October 2 2023 12.29am


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Forest Hillbilly
Forest Hillbilly

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Marital Status:Attached
Location:Standing at the top of B Block Poland (Poland)


April 20 2015
Kosowski Gutted staffie is gone... 7.04pm
April 11 2015
Kosowski It's official. We are a mid table Premier league side. 5.02pm
October 11 2014
Kosowski Well it doesn't make up for 1000 years of history, but that sure feels good. 10.44pm
August 30 2014
Kosowski eeeeeeoooooooohhh WILFRED ZAHA! 5.18pm
August 26 2014
Kosowski BOOM BOOM BOOM - let me hear you say Gayle GAYLE! 8.29pm
November 02 2013
Kosowski Time to plan for the Championship 6.18pm
October 31 2013
Kosowski Say NO to COOKIE> 2.17pm
June 15 2013
Kosowski Season ticket renewed in B block - thanks HF!!! 11.54am
May 27 2013
Kosowski That will be 120 million pounds please. 9.52pm
Kosowski Well it's here - enjoy the day everyone! 8.35am
May 18 2013
Kosowski is now Attached 9.40pm
May 17 2013
Kosowski Playoff final tickets arrived. 4.00pm
Kosowski Playoff tickets arrived. 4.00pm
May 13 2013
Kosowski We're the mighty Crystal Palace and we're going to Wembley. 11.00pm

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Member Since:March 5 2005

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