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General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:August 3 1982
Location:South Croydon England (England)
Interests:Music, Palace, HOL, socialising!
Occupation:Primary Schoool/Music Teacher


June 01 2010
rach_cpfc can't get her head round anything BUT Palace still exsisting by the end ot the week... 11.47am
January 30 2010
rach_cpfc is proud to be Palace! 5.47pm
December 01 2009
rach_cpfc is cold! 10.30pm
August 24 2009
rach_cpfc is tidying! 8.52am
July 29 2009
rach_cpfc misses Clint and Dougie - they were able to score..... 10.00am
June 17 2009
rach_cpfc wants the reports to write themselves! 5.16pm
January 01 2009
rach_cpfc wishes you a happy new year! 5.06pm
December 21 2008
rach_cpfc is getting excited about Christmas 11.19am
November 27 2008
rach_cpfc sometimes has to tell herself she really DOES like her job.... 10.28pm
October 28 2008
rach_cpfc has updated her profile photo 5.27pm
October 12 2008
rach_cpfc is tired 6.00pm
October 06 2008
rach_cpfc has the dreaded Ofsted coming on Thursday!!!!!!!! 10.50pm
October 01 2008
rach_cpfc had forgotten what a Palace game like that is like! 10.38pm
September 09 2008
rach_cpfc 's cat had an awesome 19 years. Gonna miss her! 9.52pm

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block E Row 23 Seat 91

Site Information

Member Since:March 18 2002

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