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January 29 2020 5.33pm


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only 15 fridays to go before Christmas...
Updated 502 days ago

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Marital Status:Single
Location:croydon England (England)


September 14 2018
paperhat only 15 fridays to go before Christmas... 4.16pm
July 23 2018
paperhat has updated his location to croydon 9.49am
July 04 2018
paperhat has updated his profile photo 10.15am
October 20 2017
paperhat . 11.58pm
September 11 2017
paperhat has had enough, no more footy days for a while for him. 12.03pm
August 30 2017
paperhat so, what do we do now? 10.39am
August 01 2017
paperhat not long to go now, friendly on sat then one week left 2.20pm
May 15 2017
paperhat thank fark for that 12.08pm
May 11 2017
paperhat has a bad feeling about sunday 4.24pm
April 10 2017
paperhat Oohh la la Mr Wenger. Didn't see that either I bet. 11.20pm
April 07 2017
paperhat - time to hide behind the sofa. the end of season part of the rollercoaster ride is here... 3.49pm
March 02 2017
paperhat just renewed my season ticket....that's our season screwed then!!! 2.28pm
February 13 2017
paperhat enough enough enough. 12.50pm
February 01 2017
paperhat A win?, A clean sheet? wow. 11.32am

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Member Since:October 18 2005

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