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June 22 2024 10.12am

Banstead 0 - 5 Palace

Tuesday August 1 2000 - Friendly

A Palace XI side, featuring "first team" players such as Woozley, Sharpling, Harris, and Carlisle, put on a good display.

The first goal was scored by No.2 (help me out!), who was allowed to shoot just outside the 18 yard box.

The second goal came from a nice strike by Richard Harris in a similar position to the first.

Just before half time, a Banstead player and Rosco Dsane got 'sent off' after a 'head clashing' incident. We later learned that it was only for the reminder of the first half, as Dsane played for the whole of the 2nd half.

In the second half, Palace made a few subsitutions, including Wayne Carlisle who played down the right wing, and looked impressive. Steve Kabba, playing in the number 9 shirt scored two goals to make it 4-0 to the Palace.

Things went from bad to worse for Banstead when one of their players beautifully headed into his own net towards the end of the game.

Alan Smith was there during the second half, intensely talking to Steve Kember, who was taking charge of the mangerial role during the match.

Banstead (A) Photos From The Terrace Photos

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Match Stats

Ground: Banstead (Attendance: Unknown)

Banstead: Unknown

Palace: Unknown

Referee: Unknown

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