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February 6 2023 5.51am


January 19 2023
eagleman13 "bovvered?" 12.27pm
January 04 2023
eagleman13 . 8.42am
December 25 2022
eagleman13 says Feliz Navidad to all HOLer's everywhere 8.42am
December 15 2022
eagleman13 . 11.50am
December 02 2022
eagleman13 Says TY Guntri, received top today. 4.04pm
November 16 2022
eagleman13 . 10.59am
October 13 2022
eagleman13 harrumf 11.36am
September 23 2022
eagleman13 has updated his interests 10.41am
eagleman13 has updated his interests 10.41am
eagleman13 has updated his interests 10.41am
September 08 2022
eagleman13 RIP 'THE BOSS' 6.43pm
September 05 2022
eagleman13 . 10.23am
August 31 2022
eagleman13 says, train booked, hotel booked, NO, Newcastle ticket arrived, still in Gran Canaria till late Thurs 3.41pm
August 22 2022
eagleman13 says welcome back Mr A 2.26pm
August 20 2022
eagleman13 is on way to The Brewers & then 'churh' COYP 10.37am
May 28 2022
eagleman13 . 1.35pm
May 19 2022
eagleman13 says, i still luvsya Becky xx 4.20pm
May 14 2022
eagleman13 is going to the Beer Fest 10.08am
May 02 2022
eagleman13 says welcome back 'ex-oneshowDave' 12.12pm
February 24 2022
eagleman13 says thank god the 'Beer Festivals' back 4.57pm
January 07 2022
eagleman13 . 12.40pm
December 31 2021
eagleman13 Feliz Ano Nuevo 11.18am
December 25 2021
eagleman13 says Feliz Navidad to all HOLer's everywhere 9.22am
December 22 2021
eagleman13 has updated his interests 1.19pm
December 20 2021
eagleman13 Says R.I.P. Barry Williams. Great Palace comedian & Sporting Dinner Speaker. 8.04pm
December 13 2021
eagleman13 never knew Deleagle's secret nickname was McVities 7.50pm
December 01 2021
eagleman13 says, McVities Chocolate Ginger Nuts. 3.19pm
November 23 2021
eagleman13 . 10.45am
November 10 2021
eagleman13 thinks the News/Politics Thread has become a Clique 12.07pm
October 04 2021
eagleman13 . 7.51pm
October 02 2021
eagleman13 says its nice to see 'Rat-Face' has been sent off 4.39pm
August 27 2021
eagleman13 . 6.46am
August 18 2021
eagleman13 Says, oh great, bcos of stupid brits, Spain is goin on UK Red list 5.17pm
July 12 2021
eagleman13 . 8.55am
July 11 2021
eagleman13 Hope's for an England win tonight . . COYE 3.12pm
eagleman13 has updated his profile photo 3.02pm
eagleman13 has updated his interests 3.02pm
June 21 2021
eagleman13 says, WOW Racey & CRE are back, Welcome 11.43am
June 15 2021
eagleman13 has updated his interests 4.58pm
June 11 2021
eagleman13 says, congrats Roy Hodgson CBE 11.05am
May 31 2021
eagleman13 . 11.11am
May 23 2021
eagleman13 Says tfft the season has finished, mind numbingly boring, but TY Roy 6.22pm
May 18 2021
eagleman13 says, so now we know. Thank you Roy 11.52am
April 18 2021
eagleman13 . 5.01pm
April 09 2021
eagleman13 thinks, what a nasty bitter little man he is . . 4.17pm
April 02 2021
eagleman13 says, well done the ' Cobblers' 5.41pm
March 28 2021
eagleman13 says well done Saints & well done Lewis 5.57pm
March 23 2021
eagleman13 . 11.34am
March 13 2021
eagleman13 says jeez what a xgyte game at home again, be happy when the seasons over 5.01pm
March 04 2021
eagleman13 . 9.11am
February 28 2021
eagleman13 says, people actually want more of this next season? FFS 4.02pm
January 15 2021
eagleman13 . 11.57am
January 08 2021
eagleman13 says finally managed to return to the UK, WHY/ 5.13pm
January 06 2021
eagleman13 says, well not unexpected, flight cancelled back to UK 1.48pm
January 01 2021
eagleman13 says Feliz Ano Nuevo to all HOLer's 11.20am
December 26 2020
eagleman13 says no more humiliation today Palace, Pride & Passion, Plz? 1.32pm
December 18 2020
eagleman13 Is spending xmas here in Spain. Feliz Navidad HOLers 5.29pm
eagleman13 Is going to enjoy crimbo in Spain. Merry Xmas to all HOLers 3.36pm
December 04 2020
eagleman13 says, i love it when becky is in her 'dark side' 4.35pm
November 22 2020
eagleman13 says NO 2nd lockdown here in Spain 9.36am
November 15 2020
eagleman13 Says well done Lewis 12.32pm
November 11 2020
eagleman13 has paid his respects RIP, my fellow shipmates H.M.S. Sheffield 11.08am
October 24 2020
eagleman13 will be watching a 'dodgy' stream all on my ownsome. COYP 2.20pm
October 18 2020
eagleman13 Is going to meet a fellow Palace fan in El Campello to watch match COYP 12.46pm
October 03 2020
eagleman13 Asks what time/day is it safe to enter HOL? 5.42pm
September 25 2020
eagleman13 Supports the SASH 3.27pm
September 14 2020
eagleman13 Is back home after quarantine, good luck with your Op Del 1.14pm
August 29 2020
eagleman13 is having to 'quarantine', load of ballox 4.10pm
August 14 2020
eagleman13 Is back home with a very happy 'trout' 1.00pm
August 01 2020
eagleman13 has to now quarantine for 14 day, like fcuk back out in 14 days 5.47pm
July 26 2020
eagleman13 is FINALLY going home, OR . . . am i? 10.30am
eagleman13 is FANALLY going home . . OR, am i? 10.29am
March 26 2020
eagleman13 says, i just wanna go home. Stay safe CRE 6.38pm
March 22 2020
eagleman13 . 5.58pm
March 20 2020
eagleman13 SPAAAAM, wonderful spam. Spam, spam, spam. Damm you Becky 5.45pm
March 18 2020
eagleman13 says i wont be going home till just after Easter now. 2.03pm
March 14 2020
eagleman13 says, looks like we wont be able to get home next week 1.56pm
March 02 2020
eagleman13 Says its nice to knoe CRE is alive & hopefully well 3.30pm
February 02 2020
eagleman13 . 9.26am
January 31 2020
eagleman13 loves to snipe, tho i call it 'BANTER' like the HOL used to be 6.18pm
January 28 2020
eagleman13 Says its hard going atm 4.47pm
January 22 2020
eagleman13 says its all about egg-chasing fri night. COYS 4.55pm
January 21 2020
eagleman13 Is fearfull, but, COYP 7.11pm
January 18 2020
eagleman13 says weldone N'ton Saints, now, COYP 2.49pm
January 11 2020
eagleman13 has heard Del has a 'sloppy' arse 11.33am
January 03 2020
eagleman13 Is flying to Alicante, gonna miss Derby & the 'Arse', mr apollo enjoy the 'Arse' 4.57am
January 01 2020
eagleman13 says . . . What becky said! 8.47am
December 24 2019
eagleman13 says Feliz Navidad to all my friends & dislikers. COYP 10.36am
December 18 2019
eagleman13 Will be flying back Friday, then straight up to Geordieland 12.58pm
December 16 2019
eagleman13 Is in Alicante waiting for a winning performanece by Palace. COYP 2.41pm
December 13 2019
eagleman13 Hates to think what else is up Dels old arse 5.29pm
December 10 2019
eagleman13 will be 'honoured' to rummage in Becky's drawers 11.59am
December 09 2019
eagleman13 wants to get his arse into 'musky' knickers, BUT, what colour? 4.51pm
December 07 2019
eagleman13 dreams of being an old arse 10.51am
November 15 2019
eagleman13 agrees with Becky, not seen or heard of him in yonks 9.29am
November 05 2019
eagleman13 . 8.00am
November 01 2019
eagleman13 Is going egg-chasing. Saints v Quinns. COYS 11.15am
October 28 2019
eagleman13 . 11.07am
October 19 2019
eagleman13 has just got back to Gatwick(thanx BA) , Becky, you need to come out with me or AQG2 4.39pm
October 16 2019
eagleman13 Is waving at AQG2 in Benni, from El Campello across the bay 1.14pm
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