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November 27 2020 3.22am

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says NO 2nd lockdown here in Spain
Updated 4 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:June 13 1956
Location:On The Road To Hell & Alicante Bermuda (Bermuda)
Interests:Family. CPFC. N'ton Saints. Spanish Home


November 22 2020
eagleman13 says NO 2nd lockdown here in Spain 9.36am
November 15 2020
eagleman13 Says well done Lewis 12.32pm
November 11 2020
eagleman13 has paid his respects RIP, my fellow shipmates H.M.S. Sheffield 11.08am
October 24 2020
eagleman13 will be watching a 'dodgy' stream all on my ownsome. COYP 2.20pm
October 18 2020
eagleman13 Is going to meet a fellow Palace fan in El Campello to watch match COYP 12.46pm
October 03 2020
eagleman13 Asks what time/day is it safe to enter HOL? 5.42pm
September 25 2020
eagleman13 Supports the SASH 3.27pm
September 14 2020
eagleman13 Is back home after quarantine, good luck with your Op Del 1.14pm
August 29 2020
eagleman13 is having to 'quarantine', load of ballox 4.10pm
August 14 2020
eagleman13 Is back home with a very happy 'trout' 1.00pm
August 01 2020
eagleman13 has to now quarantine for 14 day, like fcuk back out in 14 days 5.47pm
July 26 2020
eagleman13 is FINALLY going home, OR . . . am i? 10.30am
eagleman13 is FANALLY going home . . OR, am i? 10.29am
March 26 2020
eagleman13 says, i just wanna go home. Stay safe CRE 6.38pm

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block H Row 4 Seat 143
Fav. Player:Joel Ward

Site Information

Member Since:June 25 2007
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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