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July 24 2016 1.44pm

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eagle in cornwall

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General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:June 13 1956
Interests:uefa/fa referee/assessor. my kids. cpfc, my coach
Occupation:owner/driver, coach


June 23 2016
eagleman13 Is also OUT 5.30pm
June 20 2016
eagleman13 says 'blimey' George, how did you know ive got a pair? 8.25pm
June 19 2016
eagleman13 Is back & hating it 1.17pm
June 13 2016
eagleman13 Is in Bermuda & loving it 10.10pm
June 08 2016
eagleman13 Is getting ready for his 60th b/day holibobs back to the place of my birth 5.05pm
June 02 2016
eagleman13 says what horrible England shirts....Did the French design them? 8.09pm
May 28 2016
eagleman13 is now ready for the'BEER Festival.....Bring it on 11.08am
May 25 2016
eagleman13 .. 7.19pm
eagleman13 . 7.19pm
May 22 2016
eagleman13 says....Such a great day ruined by a T.W.A.T. of a ref. Great so see so many friends prior to the match. have a great summer folks. 12.08pm
May 11 2016
eagleman13 has got our FA Cup Final Tickets.......COYP 8.03pm
May 07 2016
eagleman13 say well well.....A major GAYLE past thru SP today & thank god it did 7.54pm
May 05 2016
eagleman13 says Me n the 'Trout' have our FA Cup Final Tickets........YES! 4.33pm
May 04 2016
eagleman13 says RIP to my shipmates that died @ 14.05 4/5/82 HMS Sheffield 1.33pm

Contact Information

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block H Row 4 Seat 143
Fav. Player:Joel Ward

Site Information

Member Since:June 25 2007
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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