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September 27 2023 3.59am


December 31 2012
Lewisham Eagle May have presented HOL radio earlier.... 12.33am
June 01 2012
Lewisham Eagle has changed his country to Croatia 10.32pm
February 20 2012
Lewisham Eagle Bubbs you are a legend! 8.24pm
January 15 2012
Lewisham Eagle Pleased to hear Ross has been in contact with his family 12.45pm
January 14 2012
Lewisham Eagle Hopes everything is ok with Ross and he is found as soon as possible 1.02am
October 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle Quite fancy a trip to Lithuania ST. 11.02pm
October 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle You talk like Manchester United fans are from Manchester Bubbs. Majority down here would probably be hurting more from a loss to Chelsea or Arsenal. 10.43am
September 29 2011
Lewisham Eagle Oh hello HOL 11.20am
September 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle Already has butterflies in my stomach for the Brighton game..... Come on you Palace! 8.43pm
August 28 2011
Lewisham Eagle Has a Brighton ticket! 5.29pm
August 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle Thinks the blame Andy Dorman thread had potential 2.08pm
August 20 2011
Lewisham Eagle Just had a look at the Championship table and we are in the dizzy heights of 4th. Looks weird 6.17pm
Lewisham Eagle Palace win away finally! feels good 5.43pm
August 16 2011
Lewisham Eagle Wow just speechless after that 10.59pm
Lewisham Eagle I'd like to be under the sea in an Octopus' garden in the shade 3.34pm
August 14 2011
Lewisham Eagle Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing 10.08pm
August 13 2011
Lewisham Eagle Fantastic day. Very good performance and top result. Eaglessss!!! 6.15pm
August 12 2011
Lewisham Eagle Cant wait till tomorrow. 5.55pm
August 04 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is listening to the C 12.00am
August 02 2011
Lewisham Eagle ST's thread finally got going even if it took like 10 hours! 2.12pm
July 31 2011
Lewisham Eagle Thanks Kells but dont know what I did! 4.44pm
July 27 2011
Lewisham Eagle what have i done wrong to put you in a mess gusset? 2.59pm
July 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle BBC - Bring Back Claude! 3.51pm
July 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle Looks like I will have to make 2 long trips to Leeds and Hull to guarantee tickets for the Weed game! 6.49pm
Lewisham Eagle Could anyone going to the Peterborugh game and unable to do Brighton away let me have their ticket stub.? There will be a pint in it" 12.11pm
July 17 2011
Lewisham Eagle Thinks the signings we are making are very impressive 12.32am
June 21 2011
Lewisham Eagle Just saw a Palace 12th man poster 2 streets away from me. Love it! 8.10pm
June 17 2011
Lewisham Eagle Has already booked a day off for Brighton away. Cant f***ing wait! 12.41pm
June 16 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is 19 tommorow. What a pointless age to be! And yes I do want a thread :) 7.27pm
June 10 2011
Lewisham Eagle Just when I finally reach 100 friends 2 decide to go! 9.34pm
May 29 2011
Lewisham Eagle Very quiet on HOL chatroom today. 8.09pm
May 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle So ill start a revolution from my bed! 10.48pm
Lewisham Eagle Is addicted to Noel Gallagher acousic sessions on youtube. 10.18pm
Lewisham Eagle has changed his favourite player to Julian Speroni 10.18pm
May 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Brighton and the season hasnt even started yet! 4.14pm
May 23 2011
Lewisham Eagle hates how ive been given access denied in chatroom because someone with my name is already in use 9.44pm
Lewisham Eagle Hates how ive been given access denie in chatroo 9.43pm
Lewisham Eagle For the record Serial Thriller said im adorable 9.08pm
May 22 2011
Lewisham Eagle Get used to it Ben its tha natural order :) 9.05pm
Lewisham Eagle Funny that Kells I have just changed by name to Sean Scannell. Right concidence! 8.05pm
May 21 2011
Lewisham Eagle and are you KingV? 11.38pm
May 18 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is wondering why Alan Lee felt the need to fill the bottom half of his face with that goatee. 10.23pm
May 17 2011
Lewisham Eagle Thinks Dave Jones has done more bottling than someone who works at the Coca Cola factory 10.33pm
Lewisham Eagle has updated his profile photo 10.14pm
May 16 2011
Lewisham Eagle has changed his favourite player to David Wright 9.50pm
Lewisham Eagle David Wright is my new target. I mean favourite player 9.50pm
May 14 2011
Lewisham Eagle I dont have a problem with that dan. Felt like going up to him and just giving him a big hug and declaring my love for him 10.19pm
Lewisham Eagle I dont have a problem with that dan 10.19pm
Lewisham Eagle Had good time at beer festival and Steve Parish smiled at me! 9.15pm
May 13 2011
Lewisham Eagle Claude Davis - ""If I had one message to them it would be to keep supporting Crystal Palace the way that they do because they are the best supporters I have ever played for." 10.26am
May 12 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is very jealous that you guys get to play on the selhurst pitch. Have a great time 10.44pm
Lewisham Eagle By the other side do you mean the BBS or the outside world? 9.05pm
May 11 2011
Lewisham Eagle Spent today just watching loads of short films for work. Its a hard life :)! 10.28pm
May 10 2011
Lewisham Eagle To mark Claudes departure I have joined Nick in marking this week of mourning we a sad smiley. Claude Davis gone but never forgotten! 12.51pm
Lewisham Eagle has updated his profile photo 12.50pm
May 09 2011
Lewisham Eagle That has made be a bit happier after what happened to Claude 9.23pm
Lewisham Eagle Has finally stopped sobbing over Claudes departure but seriously how could they do this to me? 3.18pm
Lewisham Eagle How could they let Claude go? :( 1.25pm
Lewisham Eagle Does wonder sometimes if these people who want some attention on here making up transfer rumours actually have a brain 10.54am
May 08 2011
Lewisham Eagle Watching qpr go up really does make you think that could and probably should have been us 12.16am
May 07 2011
Lewisham Eagle And you had the cheek to call someone else a stalker on the Scannell thread. 11.07pm
Lewisham Eagle Is in love with Dougie Freedman 10.52pm
Lewisham Eagle Is the David Wright poster out of the programme on the your bedroom wall yet Alan? 10.24pm
May 06 2011
Lewisham Eagle Wasted his 3000th post on a thread about a Polish guy trying to work out autographs. My 400th post will be much better! 7.15pm
May 05 2011
Lewisham Eagle Anyone wanna come chatroom? 9.16pm
Lewisham Eagle Is disapointed with the behaviour of a certain poster named after bacon snacks and a muppet, 9.00pm
Lewisham Eagle Is disapointed with the behaviour of a certain poster named after bac 9.00pm
Lewisham Eagle Is only 3 posts away from my 3,000 ever post on HOL and is not sure if he wants to waste that landmark on a thread about biscuits! 8.49pm
Lewisham Eagle Yeah Pikey I did actually. Felt a bit limited by the Yes or No option so added me own one saying your name and drew a little picture next to it 8.28pm
Lewisham Eagle Has just voted for the first ever time 8.08pm
May 04 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is that you trying to sutbly say its your birthday Lee? If so Happy Birthday if not stop clogging up my feed! 10.17pm
Lewisham Eagle Did Staffie give Michael Platini a megalink then Dave? 9.04pm
Lewisham Eagle Looks like a 40 year old man pretending to be his 12 year old daughter might cost me my hatrick! 8.40pm
May 03 2011
Lewisham Eagle hope things get better Lee and have to agree with what is being said about ST 4.52pm
Lewisham Eagle Is outraged that Tesco have decided to make their meal deal 2.50 2.57pm
May 02 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is not allowed back in chat room after my internet f***ed up grrrr 9.23pm
Lewisham Eagle Is addicted to A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys! 7.43pm
April 30 2011
Lewisham Eagle has done his nominations. If your not in then you have to up your game. 7.31pm
Lewisham Eagle Ibra isnt on the player list. Sort it out mods! 6.26pm
Lewisham Eagle f*** it Claude is getting removed das my favourite player for Ibra. Ibracadabra 6.25pm
Lewisham Eagle f*** it Claude is getting removed as my favourite player for Ibra. 6.24pm
Lewisham Eagle We are staying up say we are staying up 5.18pm
April 28 2011
Lewisham Eagle is in chat room! 10.23pm
April 26 2011
Lewisham Eagle Is thinking who should win my HOL award nominations. Getting nominated by me is better than winning an actual award :) 11.20pm
April 25 2011
Lewisham Eagle Lets hope next time Danns pic is up it reads "Neil Danns signs new long term contract" 10.24pm
Lewisham Eagle Too right Fraz. Eaglessss! 6.47pm
Lewisham Eagle We are staying up say we are staying up! 6.01pm
April 24 2011
Lewisham Eagle Can all you lovely people please join the chatroom so we can have a pleasent chat 10.33pm
Lewisham Eagle Every single one of you f***ers get in the chatroom. 10.30pm
Lewisham Eagle Don't worry about a thing cos every little thing is gonna be alright! 10.21pm
April 22 2011
Lewisham Eagle "Your last chance" where have I heard this before? Oh yeah for the last 2 years in a row :). Funny how you come back to regular posting on here when the HOL awards comes around. Massive concidence.... 10.18pm
Lewisham Eagle When will you give up AJ you will never topple me. Anyway aint you a bit old for this young poster of the year award now. Do you still want to be fighting for it in 10 years time? desperation ;) 10.13pm
Lewisham Eagle Is back! 7.08pm
April 14 2011
Lewisham Eagle Off on Holiday so missing the scunny game! Good luck in the quiz Nick, dont go trying to f*** animals again ST and the ASA will continue Pikey. 9.38pm
Lewisham Eagle f*** the pair of you! 1.22pm
Lewisham Eagle I see how it is Lee. Me and Thriller will start a truce and start the downfall of you! 1.19pm
April 12 2011
Lewisham Eagle Great result! 10.45pm
Lewisham Eagle Is really confused why Crystal Clear CPFC has decided to invade the away fans page with kits he has designed for random clubs. 11.07am
Lewisham Eagle f*** you hotmail. Thats the 2nd time in like 3 weeks you have decided to block my account! 10.58am
April 11 2011
Lewisham Eagle has changed his favourite player to Claude Davis 10.49pm
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