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February 4 2023 2.58am

Your Favourite Moments Part 2

October 29 2002

Brighton action

Brighton action

More of the fans' favourite bits from the 5-0 thrashing of Brighton ...

Matty Wilkes

I am only 15 and the great day that was 26th October 2002 was my first Seaweed experience. Like many my age, the rivalry is relatively unknown and I have grown up hating Mil*wall and Char*ton. Boy has that changed.

I loved it when I saw all the "top bum boys" from brighton trying to scare me by punching their fists! A sight to behold. But my main memory is the Julian Gray goal! A screamer and will live with me forever! WE HATE BRIGHTON!!!

hit em again francis

1. Beating the scum

2. Scum not being alowwed to leave

3. The guys wife that had just had a baby

4. Being on TV

5. Being able to make fun of people that are Brighton fans


Couldn't wait to go to college the following Monday to receive my 5 cash which I betted with a Brighton fan. I got the whole class singing 5-0 we beat the scum 5-0, and it felt great even if they didn't support Palace, still chanting famous chants from that game to him, two weeks on. This is going to continue for the rest of the school year.


Before the game in the bar was one of the best bits. I was standing on the steps leading to the pitch starting chants. Quality!

pint of mild

Seeing the Brighton fan's face at work when he came back to the office a week later after his holiday to find he 100 e-mails from me (wallpapers & The Samaritains help line). Bloody excellent!!!!


As the Brighton subs warming up with Jolly and the Main Stand clapping him, they shouted: "Jolly this is for you, not the soap boys" ... and the singing BEFORE the game in the players' lounge... the Main Stand starting some of the songs.

But best of all, the prat who took the half- time challenge drunk as a skunk. Then goading the Seaweed fans on his last shot.


The night before the game: starting the insomniac thread and watching it grow - went to sleep about 3am in the end!

The morning of the game:

Absolute nerves and butterflies in my stomach - like before I got hitched. My son's Millwall supporting trainer letting him off at 11.00 instead of 11.30 from football training so we could get to the game. Meeting up in the Glaziers and selling my spare ticket to Ouzo Dan - he was well chuffed!

During the game:

Seeing the looks and reaction from my Arsenal supporting mate that came with us as Palace played like champions - he even cheered!

When Rob Fox called Popo's disallowed goal as the game carried on - well funny. Dougie presenting AJ with the ball to put away his third - a true gent and pro. Going mental as Jules buried the ball in the corner of the net in front of us. The way we applauded (majority of us anyway) Stevie and Jolly did not condemn them for wanting to do what they do best.

Most importantly - the total unity of the Palace fans and the superb support we gave OUR team. Best day of my life - total class.


All the songs to wind them up.

5-0 and u cant go home.

Let's all laugh at Brighton.

It's for your own fcukin safety.

Coppell is a Palace fan.

The great atmospheare all around the ground (even the Whitehorse).

AJ winding up the Brighton fans.

Basicly the whole day was brilliant. All the singing. My lungs felt like they were about to explode.


The whole day! for any Palace fan who had that as their first Palace weed game. Then singing ''you'll never play here again!'' - magic!


Saying to my mate before kick-off about some w*nker in a tan coat (Br*ghton fan) that he would never get to see the whole game and then about 10 minutes after the game started, seeing him being wrestled out by the old bill!

Oh and the 5 goals were pretty special. and all the chants etc. Did I mention the 5, yes 5, goals??


Replying to the Cantona chants with: "Ooh Aah Michael Barrymore." Quality!


Best moment - beating the f*cking Seagulls 5-0 and shutting the scum's mouths. Loved the "5-0 and you can't go home" chants. Joined in with literally every chant during the game - my throat was raw after the match! Loved doing the w**ker sign to the Scum fans...

Mostly loved AJ's majestic hat trick... best moment of the game!! Also loved seeing the plods in riot gear surround every end of the AW Stand where the Scum fans were... top notch day - even celebrated it in the Holmesdale with some beers!

Best game I had ever seen against Albion for a while... shame they had to stay behind though... hey, what am I saying? Sticking up for the Scum? NO CHANCE IN F*CKING HELL!!! Pity the Scum f*cking played up outside the stadium and Thornton Heath station though... wish I'd got a punch in then when I had the chance... oh well, there's always next time - if there ever is one that is.


The Brighton goalie clipped the ears of 3 of his defenders after the 5th goal......absolutely classic comedy.

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