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August 22 2019 4.40pm

Kolinko went on strike

February 3 2003

Alex Kolinko

Alex Kolinko

Alex Kolinko refused to play against Leicester on Saturday, citing psychological problems.

Simon Jordan told Sky Sports that Kolinko refused to play as late as 1pm on Saturday and was sent home by train.

Ever since the cuff-gate incident last year, Kolinko has been unsettled at Palace, and claims the club owes him 3,000 expenses from two-and-a-half years ago.

Jordan said: "The previous matter was resolved internally and Alex has been fine for the past four or so months. He told the manager at 1pm that he was not going to play.

"His attitude wasn't right and his agent said he has psychological problems. There will be consequences but what they will be is subject to discussions over the next few days.

"Alex was claiming expenses that were two-and-a-half years old which had never been submitted to the club.

"He cited 3,000 but after much investigation we found out they were 1,300 and we paid them immediately. There was therefore no reason for his 14-day notice period.

"He had been asked the previous night by the manager if he was fine to play and he said yes. He's not injured. He refused to play, and there is no condoning his action. None. He has let us down.

"It leaves us in an unpalatable position - it's not nice for us but something we have to deal with. He won't play against Liverpool."

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