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Fans' View - The Liverpool win

February 6 2003

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

Here's a selection of Palace supporters' thoughts from the Eagles' magnificent 2-0 win over Liverpool in the FA Cup...


What a night! Incredible! We are fast turning into a hard team to beat! Trev's tactical turnaround in the first half was not only incredibly brave, it was inspired, and it worked a dream.

I am so happy to be proved wrong on this one, I thought we'd missed our chance at Selhurst, but we've gone on and played like a team that really believes! TREVOR FRANCIS RED & BLUE ARMY!!!!


I'm knackered. Got in at 3am but up early 'cos I'm still so excited. What a result. Dougie made all the difference when he came on, he turned the match on its head, but Cedric was outstanding in goal and kept us in it 1st half and from Donkey Heskey's run.

Gray's finish was outstanding and the silence when the og went in was brilliant. It took a couple of seconds for the crowd to realise what had happened. But credit to TF who had the balls to change things early on and make that vital substitution.


Wasn't it the most amazing night? I have seldom experienced such a performance and result for the Eagles. The result was quite quite sensational, before the match I was hoping that we would just score to give us something to celebrate but that was phenomenal.

The Anfield experience is something that every football fan should take, mine has left memories with me that will stay until the day I die pass away on my red and blue bed (I'm only 17!). I could talk about it for hours, though I'm speechless when I actually think about what we did last night.

It must have been sheer agony listening on the radio, especially for those last few minutes, but boy did we sing for all those of you listening. We cheered the lads on to one of the greatest victories our club has ever seen, and i have the privledge to say I was there to witness it.


I think most of us felt like that, probably more so at the end of the first half and still in it at 0-0. Great night out, and like most others sung and shouted so much that could hardly speak on way home (lost voice!) Nice to see the team ticking over when Dougie came on. He changed the game for us straight away.

Felt that the chants of "One Trevor francis" at the end were certainly justified. Like him or loath him, he has now surely surpassed anything that Judas did for us??

Come on lads, let's do Leeds and then who knows in the last eight!!

Holmesdale CPFC

It was sheer class. I haven't been to many Palace matches where there has been such a carnival atmosphere as much as there was last night, it couldnt have been better, we completly silenced Anfield.

All day I have felt ill from last night...Bruised/Battered/Aching/me back hurts and everything but I love it, it was just mental last night, and walking around Anfield after the game singing infront of the Scousers really done their heads in and I loved it!

Crystal Palace a small little South London club beat Liverpool, the most succesful ever European club ever at ANFIELD just dont append often and im so f*ckin glad I was there!

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