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October 18 2021 8.40pm

The Brighton 5-0 - Your Favourite Moments

November 9 2002

Clinton Morrison

Clinton Morrison

You tell us your best-ever moments from the momentous 5-0 thrashing of the old enemy...


The scum pointing at the Holmesdale and chanting Seagulls, being cowed into silence by all three Palace sides of the ground pointing the finger back screaming Eaglleess. Top quality.


With out a doubt, AJ kissing the ball after his penalty. LEGEND!!!


Seeing them try to leave after Jules smashed in the 5th and being told to sit back down by the riot police....quality.


Finding out that Magic CAN score poachers' goals and after the game, taping the goals and watching them again and again and...


The Brighton fans being told that they had to wait behind after the game!! As if 5-0 wasn't enough!

cranes park eagle

"FIVE NIIIL and you cant go home" being sung all over the ground. Wonderful.


The announcement that a Palace fan (who was at this game) had become a father of a little boy 10 minutes ago! Now that is loyalty!


It's got to be something to do with Magic Johnson. Him goading the Brighton fans before kick-off was quality! Tucked his hatrick penalty away perfectly.


Difficult to choose....

Julian scoring the fifth.

Brighton not being allowed to leave, and having to suffer us gloating.

The new baby announcement.

Dougie letting AJ take the pen for his hat trick.

All the other goals.

Having a week off chanting FRANCIS OUT.

The way the lads held back at the end of the first half, saving some goals for the Holmesdale End.

Most unbelievable moment -- the geezer who sits on my right leaves 10-15 minutes early every week. And he did it AGAIN on Saturday! Mentalist.

Being searched and patted down by a series of lary plods outside the ground before the match, and not getting hauled up for the spliffs in my pocket. Phew -- wouldn't want to have missed that match...


Doogie staring at the scum after his penalty and kissing the eagle on his shirt. Coppell is a Palace fan Coppell is a Palace fan. Now that must of pi**ed em off coz they know it's true. Well done agent Coppell our man behind enemy lines.

dicky boy

Sorry my moment is reading all the palace fans comments on the seaweed messageboards... stick it to 'em. LOL.


Apart from the goals it had to be the two tannoy announcements near the end.

First: You've got to stay behind until CPFC fans have left ("5-0 and you can't go home!").

Second: All bars around the ground open as usual after the game ("5-0 and we've got the beer!"). Absolute quality! Congrats to the police and CPFC for really rubbing their noses in it!


When the whole ground was singing: "Stand up if you hate Brighton" I'm bloody sure Sir Steve stood up ...oh,sorry my mistake, he was standing up anyway, but it'll do!

Geoff Thomas

Shouting does your bofriend know your here! Fcuking brilliant, followed a close second by the PA announcment mentioned above.


Well I dunno about the best moment, I mean it's hard to choose from so many - probably when Dougie struck home his penalty and kissed his eagle.

Either this or when Zamora had an open goal and blazed it over. But I think the worst moment of the match has to be the final whistle, I never wanted that match to end - SHEER CLASS!!!


All of it. I just wish I'd got more pissed after the game.


The 9% belgian beers before the match. Seeing all the HOLers drinking in my end of the ground - ah, sweet! (didn't stop - there was too much teasing of the Weed to be done out there).

Shouting til my throat nearly bled and shocking my mates who haven't seen me lose it quite like that before. Still having the sore throat and happy memories...

Holmesdale CPFC

Singing "FIVE - NILL TO THE LON-DON-ERS!!!" and all the other songs and chants.

Hearing the atmosphere... and doing the "w****r" sign over and over again at the Brighton fans. Also singing "Sh1t on the Brighton, S**T ON THE BRIGHTON



The nervousness in my stomach before the game - don't get that very often these days.

The atmosphere - everyone was singing - we need to do this more - The Whitehorse was out shouting the Holmesadale!! Clapping Simon Rodger when he came on - never done that before!! The 5 goals!! Excellent!!


When the Brighton fans had the announcement about not leaving the stadium, I quote: "THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY" HAHAHAHAHAH, and the whole stadium singing "STEVEY COPELL IS A PALACE FAN"


Singing to the Scum, "5-0, and you can't go home".

Then going to my neighbour, who just happens to be a Scum supporter, and asking for five lumps of suger for my coffee the next morning. Don't think that was appreciated. SHAME.

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