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September 19 2021 12.23am

Fun Pics

May 26 2009

Thanks to the wonderful world of Photoshop, we've been able to knock up a couple of piss-taking Palace-related pictures... Send in your ones!

Computers across South London have been hit by a Millwall window popping up.

Millwall PC message

Charlton Athletic have been featured in the latest MasterCard advert...

Clowns Mastercard

We just had a look on the Charlton website and noticed this mug for sale...

Charlton mug

New <a href='page.php?id=111&player=290'>Iain Dowie</a> t-shirt

by simonjordansfaketan

Charlton unveil three-man coaching team

by Johnnyeagle

<a href='page.php?id=111&player=290'>Iain Dowie</a> becomes Charlton boss

by Rebekah Wade

<a href='page.php?id=111&player=290'>Iain Dowie</a> poses for pictures

by Abdhul

A laughing stock

Sent in by Rob Cranfield

Marge and Homer Simpson

The Den

Where's Wally?

We just got our hands on the Millwall squad photo for season 2003/04...

If Friends was filmed in Bermondsey

If Friends was filmed in Bermondsey

Millwall fans are a strange bunch. Here's what hit US show Friends would look like if it was filmed in Bermondsey...

Saddam and bin Laden plot escape

We show you the secret conversation which took place beween Saddam and bin Laden when they worked out the best place in the world to hide...

Mohammad Said al-Sahhaf

Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Said al-Sahaf has just issued his latest statement from a secret location in the Gulf...

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