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May 12 2021 3.39am

Palace lookalikes

February 26 2003

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

We've resurrected the popular lookalikes section deep from the HOL archives...

Dowie Michael Whitham

We've been meaning to get this lookalike up on here for years - our old schoolmate Michael Whitham who we nicknamed Dowie back in the day.

Kiraly Kevin Spacey

James Creedy has noticed the resemblance between Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey and Palace's Hungarian keeper Gabor Kiraly.

Freedman Nicholas Cage

Kelpie says: "I reckon Dougie Freedman strongly resembles Nicholas Cage. You know, the guy from Con-Air, Face-Off, Snake Eyes, etc."

<a href='page.php?id=111&player=524'>Alan Pardew</a> Symons

rjh87 thinks assistant boss Kit Symons looks like West Ham manager and former Eagle Alan Pardew.

Nigel Harman Butterfield

Ben Mintram and Laura reckon Danny Butterfield looks like Palace fan and actor Nigel Harman, who plays Den Watts in EastEnders.

Routledge Lloyd Banks

stezmopalace says: "Wayne Routledge and the fella from the G-unit - Lloyd Banks are good lookalikes."

Gilberto Silva <b style=SOARES" />

theshelza says: "Palace youngster TOM SOARES is a dead ringer for Gilberto Silva of Arsenal."

David Beckham Johnson

Too many people to mention have got in touch to tell us AJ looks like England and Real Madrid's David Beckham.

David Dunn Black

Peter Todd says: "Just seen that David Dunn looks suspiciously like TOMmy Black. What do you think?"

Tony Cascarino Popovic

jcreedy thinks our Tony Popovic looks like former Irish international striker Tony Cascarino.

Madcap18 with AJ

The best lookalike we've seen so far is sent in by Madcap18, pictured with the spitting image of Andy Johnson. Madcap says: "This bloke works in my local pub. Me and my mates all call him AJ, but he didn't get it until I showed him a picture!"

Dowie Davros

staffie has seen a big likeness between Eagles boss Iain Dowie and Davros the Dalek in Dr Who.

Leigertwood Cuba Gooding Jr.

jcreedy thinks Mikele Leigertwood looks uncannily like Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Dexter Holland Aki

The lead singer from Offspring, Dexter Holland, is a dead ringer for Aki Riihilahti!! Thanks to Jay_Palace, Matthew Kerly and Chris Waters for pointing it out.

Tim Henman Butterfield

Palace 4 ever and Tarquin both agree Danny Butterfield looks like tennis star Tim Henman.

Max Beesley Clarke

Musician/actor Max Beesley, who appeared in Glitter with Mariah Carey, is a dead ringer for keeper Matt Clarke, according to Tarquin

Pob Gray

Phil Smith says: "Am suprised it's not been done before but doesn't Julian Gray bear a remarkable similarity to 80s kids tv 'star' Pob?"

Sloth Dowie

Is our manager Iain Dowie really Sloth? Ian Wright_Ian Wright, thinks so!

Cronin Berthelin

Jeepers keepers! Peter Todd can see a big likeness between Eagles keepers Cedric Bethelin and Lance Cronin.

Popovic Jaws

MadPalaceFan22 and cpfc_TOMmy both think Tony Popovic bears a resemblance to actor Richard Kiel - better known as Jaws from the James Bond films.

Ricky Butcher Black

KAOS believes TOMmy Black is the spitting image of EastEnders' Ricky Butcher - played by Sid Owen.

Prince Harry Watson

Neil McSteen reckons young Palace midfielder Ben Watson bears a striking resemblance to Prince Harry...

Johnson Neil Back

... and Neil also thinks Andy Johnson is a dead ringer for England rugby union star Neil Back - minus the hair of course!

Raul Freedman

EagleChris says: "I've never seen Dougie Freedman and Real Madrid's Raul on the same pitch at the same time. Same skills, same shirt number, same looks... same player?" After a few sunbed sessions, he could be right.

Mullins Youssef Safri

Yes we know Hayden Mullins has buggered off to West Ham but before we forget, we thought we'd mention he looks uncannily like Coventry City's Moroccan midfielder Youssef Safri.

Aki Boris Johnson

Trilby thinks Conservative MP for Henley, Boris Johnson, looks a lot like Finnish international midfielder Aki Riihilahti! A backbench MP and subs' bench player.

Goldie Fleming

When Curtis Fleming finally hangs up his boots (it's not much longer now), he can always do a bit of part-time work as body double for drum & bass DJ and part-time actor Goldie.

Butthead Derry

We never knew midfielder Shaun Derry was into his rock music so much, until we saw him on MTV the other day as Butthead, joking about with his sidekick Beavis!

Hopkin The Undertaker

We wondered why David Hopkin had put on a bit of weight in his second spell at the club - he was trying to stock up like his lookalike wrestling star The Undertaker. It explains why he couldn't be arsed to play football anymore too. Sent in by Madcap 18.

Dobby Adebola

James Yelland reckons Dele Adebola has been earning a few quid on the side starring as Dobby the elf in Harry Potter. It all makes sense now...

Wes Bentley Butterfield

Have you realised Eagles' utility player Danny Butterfield looks spookily like actor Wes Bentley who can be remembered from his role as the strange neighbour Rick Fitts in American Beauty?

Austin Tore Andre Flo

Ameena McColville has noticed a striking comparison between former Palace defender Dean Austin and Sunderland's Tore Andre Flo.

Rob Newman Simon Paterson

We're still not convinced these are different people... they both haven't been seen in the same room together yet. If you didn't know who they are, it's the club's old joint-administrator Simon Paterson and Independent sports editor and Palace fan Rob Newman.

Mr Burns Ron Noades

Here are the two most evil men in the world - seperated at birth. One has made millions from a nuclear power plant and the other has made millions from over-selling a football club to a muppet who couldn't afford it.

Robbie Jackson Martin

One of these people below makes us laugh in a soap on TV about life in the East End, the other made us laugh playing for Palace, see if you can guess which is which!

Svensson Sickboy

There seems to be a rather striking resemblance between Palace's former goal-scoring hero Matthias Svensson and Johnny Lee Miller aka Sickboy from the film Trainspotting. See what you think!

Jack Duckworth Miller

One of the men below has annoyed his father in a popular British soap based oop north, the other really pissed off Palace fans for refusing to play for the club while we were in a financial mess. Can you tell them apart??

Chandler Svensson

Steve Musham has sent us a classic. One of the below is a hit with Palace fans, the other is a hit with Courtney Cox...see if you can guess which one is which!

Adam Eveleigh Curcic

Rick Eveleigh can see similar comparisons between ex-eagle Sasa Curcic and his son Adam - here aged 9 months.

Simon Paterson Russell Jones

Meet Simon Paterson, the club's ex-joint administrator. We reckon he has been seperated at birth from Russell Jones (our old English teacher)... See what you think!

Lee Chapman Jim Piddock

Palace fan and Hollywood screenwriter Jim Piddock bears a striking resemblance to former Leeds forward Lee Chapman.

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