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May 13 2021 5.31pm

Palace Press Conference

October 23 2013

Steve Parish (Photo:

Steve Parish (Photo:

Find out what was said during the Crystal Palace Press conference, where it was announced that Ian Holloway has left the club by mutual consent.

6.07pm That concludes proceedings from the press conference. Don't forget Holmesdale Radio at 8pm tonight, talking about all the things said below.

6.05pm Holloway: "The best chance Palace will have is if they use some of this money to get someone who they couldn't have afforded when they chose me."

"I didn't understand this place before but I do now. It's an extraordinary place and I wish them all the best."

6.04pm Parish: "We've got every chance of collecting the points we need. There are teams that we can get results against"

"We've got Glenn to come back in January. We've got a good group of players. We can stay up."

Parish says he wouldn't discount anyone from the manager's job at this stage. Says we "need best man for the job".

6:03pm Holloway: "All I can do is be as honest as I can and wish everyone at the club well. I just need time to chill out".

"I need a little bit of time to chill out with the family, but I will look out for Palace's scores"

Parish: "It's going to be difficult. We are under no illusions. But Fulham second half was the only time when we haven't put up a fight".

5.59pm "We've got to find someone now who will take us on huge next part of the journey"

Holloway: "This club needs an impetus of energy. But I just feel tired to be honest. I'm worn out"

5.57pm Parish: "This man has done the honourable thing maybe and fallen on his sword."

"I believe Ian can go on and do very well in this division, certainly in the league below when he has got promotions with little money".

"We had teams outspending us by two to one but Ian got us up. He's an extraordinarily good manager."

5.56pm Richard Cawley from South London Press: "Palace players had no idea about Holloway departure. Had recovery session on Tuesday. Off today. Back in again for training tomorrow."

5.54pm Parish: "After a defeat you've got to believe and give that energy to the players, but he felt that maybe something different would work"

You'd love to have someone in place next week but I haven't got a list. I wanted Ian to wake up and say "sorry about the blip" and stay.

Keith Millen will take charge on Saturday.

5.52pm "Ian's got such a positive outlook but maybe he needs to be a bit more selfish. He's immersed himself in all aspects of this club."

5.51pm "We haven't done things in the summer that could have made a massive difference to Ian's job"

"If you want my honest opinion, I think he goes out on the training pitch a bit too much!"

5.50pm "Ian's been very noble and he's come forward and said "I can't do it.

"I've spent three days trying to get Ian in the frame of mind that he can do it against Arsenal.

"Ian feels very strongly that we need to stay in this division. It's so difficult to get out of the Championship now."

5.49pm "It's a completely different challenge for Ian and a completely different challenge for us at the club"

I was more than happy to get relegated and come back up with Ian. The word "sacked" has never been mentioned among the directors.

5.48pm Parish: "It's difficult. We knew we had to go out and strengthen the group. We've got 14 new faces down at the training ground."

5.47pm Everything is about the betterment of Crystal Palace Football Club. And that's what we have been discussing.

Results have let me down because we haven't got the points we deserved.

5.46pm My job is to do the best job I can for the football club. Some of the bits and pieces that follow this league, I don't particularly like.

5.46pm "It is a privilege to have worked at Palace. With me out the way, the new man will have a chance to start again."

"I could never work any harder than I have done. And this man (Parish) knows that"

"I'm a Palace fan now".

5.45pm "I'm not saying my new signings aren't good enough. But they need to buy into this football club the same way my other lads did."

5.44pm "I've lost the spirit of that group. I owe it to the lads to admit that."

5.43pm Holloway: "I hold myself and Steve responsible. I didn't value enough the spirit of the group that helped us get to the Premier League."

5.41pm Parish: "We've got a whole group of people who are only really used to the Championship and dropped them into the Premier League"

"I think we both realised we need someone with more experience at this level"

"Ian's got a philosophy on football and I loved the way his team played at Blackpool. Maybe we tried to move things on too quickly."

5.40pm Parish states that Holloway is someone he would consult when it comes to appointing a new manager.

5.38pm Holloway: "If someone does want a chance in the Premier League with a good group, they should seriously believe in this project."

5.36pm "I'd rather call a meeting because some of the stuff I've been reading is total nonsense. We still care immensely about Palace.

What I say at half time normally has an effect on people. On Monday, it didn't.

I'm proud to have been involved with Palace and I wouldn't want to out-wear my welcome.

5.35pm "We need to shut up shop in this division. At the minute we've got a whole new group there

"Part of my talking with Steve was about am I the one with the energy left?

"I have to hold my hand up and say we didn't keep the spirit that got us up. We changed too much too quickly

"Someone new coming in now with a tad more experience at this level will have 30 games left

"The four owners are unique. They are supporters of the club. 7 defeats out of 8 is not good enough"

5.34pm Holloway: "I have pride in the job we've both done. It wasn't easy. If Steve's last manager wasn't headhunted I wouldn't have been here"

5.33pm I've enjoyed every minute of working with Ian. He leaves our club with his head held very high.

I'd like to put the record straight. We've never fallen out. We've worked together brilliantly. We feel we need to move on to progress

5.32pm SP: Ian felt that a new approach might help keep us in the division

5.30pm SP: Ian's contract at Crystal Palace has come to an end by mutual consent

5.26pm The Mirror have thrown a whole bunch of names into the managerial hat, including Tony Pulis, Neil Warnock and the man who is always in the hat Steve Coppell.

5.25pm Holmesdale Radio will be hosting a LIVE show at 8pm tonight discussing the outcome of the press conference.

5:20pm We'll bring you all the latest from the Palace press conference, where Palace are set to announce the departure of Ian Holloway as first team manager. The press conference begins at 5.30pm.

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