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Meet the Crystals: Grace

April 8 2015



Wanted to find out more about the Crystal Girls? Now you can with our regular feature. This time it's Grace!

Name: Grace.

Age: 21.

Hometown: Redhill.

Occupation: I work in an office in Reigate.

Nickname: Bronia calls me Gracie-Loo.

Dance background and experience: I’ve been dancing since I was two, so I’ve done everything. I’ve done ballet, tap, modern, jazz, everything that you can think of. I’ve done loads of shows, pantomimes, done some TV appearances. I went to a few dance schools. I went to a ballet school in London, a theatre school in London. So I’ve done quite a lot really.

Words to live by/favourite quote: You only live once so just do what makes you happy.

Words that describe you: Crazy, a bit ditzy, happy.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is: People don’t believe that I work in an office. You’ve usually got people who are really serious and I’m just not.

Biggest fear: Fish. I had a really bad experience when I was younger, yeah I was…you know when you have a prawn in the body and you’re peeling it. I got pricked by a prawn. I was really scared and I thought it was alive, I started bleeding, I was crying. Yeah, I can’t even eat fish, can’t touch the plate, can't eat fish fingers, tuna, not even prawn cocktail crisps, like nothing.

What would be your superpower? I’d love to fly or I’d love to be able to have powers where you can stop things and rewind and do things like that. I think that would be really cool.

Most embarrassing moment: Oh god, there’s so many, I just don’t know. I was with the girls and we were just talking about a ninja, and I said, ‘What’s a ninja?’ And they just looked at me like… 'Grace, no'. I still don't know!

Dream job: I’d love to just be on the stage all the time. Performing, dancing… love it.

Dream holiday destination: I really want to go to Hawaii.

Why did you decide to audition for the Crystals? Well my two friends…two of the girls, Abbi from last season and Georgia who’s still in it now. I’m friends with them and I’ve done pantomimes with them and I saw like, on their Facebook and Twitter and stuff that they were auditioning, and I always looked and... thought, 'Wow that looks really cool. I want to do it.' And then I saw the audition come up and I was like… I went and here I am, it's really good.

What are some of your Crystals highlights? The fans, it's amazing like I think that’s what makes the club to be fair. The fans are just so good. I love like getting to the side of the pitch and like walking along and like just walking out onto the pitch and standing there and everyone’s just like… it’s so good.


Player: Dwight Gayle.

Movie: Tangled.

Article of clothing: High heels. The highest heels you can ever find, they’re the best shoes.

Phone app: Snap Chat, I’m on it all the time.

Cartoon character: Mini Mouse and Donald Duck - I find them really cute.

TV show: Got to love Friends.

Ice cream: Mint.

Junk food Weakness: Pizza and McDonald’s.


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