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Meet the Crystals: Neesha

April 30 2015



This week's Crystal Girl is Neesha, as we give you the lowdown on Palace's cheerleaders.

Name: Neesha.

Age: 22.

Hometown: Croydon.

Occupation: Manager of a children's facility.

Nickname: Neesh.

Dance background and experience: I've been dancing since I was three. I did my B-Tech in dance musical theatre and I dance all the time, I just love it.

Words to live by/favourite quote: Live every day like itís your last.

Five words that describe you: Ambitious, bubbly, fun, loud and quiet.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is: I used to have a horse called Dancer that I used to ride.

Biggest fear: Iím claustrophobic and I donít like heights at all.

What would be your superpower? Probably to go back in time. I would like to experience the Victoria ladies - I think thatís just so random. And I would like to go back to when my parents were young, cos they had the 70s and I think thatís cool.

Most embarrassing moment: I have so many!

Dream job: Dancing every day, that would be amazing.

Dream holiday destination: Seychelles.

Why did you decide to audition for the Crystals? I always wanted to be a cheerleader and I actually came to Palace when I was in primary school, when they did the visits for all the schools. So I used to be in the girls' football team too. No one knows that and I was horrendous. And then when I saw the chance to join come up I was like, 'Oh my God thatíd be so cool' so I applied.

What are some of your Crystals highlights? Oh wow, so many - the atmosphere at every single game is incredible. The play-offs was an experience, it was so surreal it didnít seem like it was happening. I think it took a couple of days after, and I was like, ĎWait weíre actually in the Premier League!í


Former player: Ian Wright.

Movie: Frozen was amazing.

Article of clothing: Leggings, I live in them.

Phone app: Time Box. It goes back in time so you can see all your previous tweets and videos and pictures from years ago.

Cartoon character: Bob the Builder.

TV show: I used to be quite into property programmes.

Ice cream: Mint.

Junk food weakness: Pizza.

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