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December 3 2021 11.10pm

Meet the Crystals: Naomi

June 11 2015



Having Crystal Girls withdrawals now the season is over? Don't worry, because our spotlight on the group continues with Naomi.

Name: Naomi.

Age: 27.

Hometown: Hastings.

Nickname: Nom.

Dance background and experience: Iíve danced all my life, ever since I was a kid, and done various shows and pantoís and stuff like that. I love it.

Words to live by/favourite quote: Life should be about laughing and having fun.

Five words that describe you: Shy, chilled, quiet, funny, reserved.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is: I have an extreme phobia of bananas. My palms start sweating if I see one, I start crying and I donít like any yellow food, so I donít like bananas. I donít like the smell of bananas either, they like scare me.

Biggest fear: Definitely bananas. I donít even know if Iíve ever eaten one, but the thought of eating one makes me feel sick. I canít bear the look, the texture, the smell, the colour, I hate it all.

What would be your superpower? To be able to fly.

Most embarrassing moment: On my first game at Selhurst I fell over while walking onto the pitch for our second dance. It was so embarrassing.

Dream job: Anything that involves dancing, anything performing, dancing.

Dream holiday destination: I want to go everywhere, so an around -the-world trip.

Why did you decide to audition for the Crystals? I looked them up and they looked really fun and exciting and they get to dance and it's nice to be with a group of girls.

What are some of your Crystals highlights? Making loads of new friends and performing.


Movie: My Girl.

Article of clothing: Dresses.

Phone app: Twitter.

Cartoon character: Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

TV show: Friends.

Ice cream: I donít like ice cream.

Junk food weakness: Curry, McDonald's, anything that's not yellow!

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