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June 3 2020 5.45pm

Meet the Crystals: Claire

June 25 2015

Claire Eglinton

Claire Eglinton

It's the final instalment of our spotlight on the Crystal Girls. So last, but certainly not least, is Claire!

Name: Claire.

Age: 25.

Hometown: Croydon.

Occupation: Entertainment performer at Chessington.

Nickname: Eggers.

Dance background and experience: I started dancing at around two and used to go to ballet as a little kid. I then started going after school and Saturdays when I was older. I took an A-level in performing arts and did three years professional training in dance and musical theatre. After I graduated, I did a 15-month tour as part of the Channel Five's Milkshake Live kid's show. I worked on a cruise ship for six months and now Iím back at Chessington.

Words to live by/favourite quote: Always be the best version of yourself - be that person who is so nice that you can't be disliked.

Five words that describe you: Perfectionist, loyal, talkative, nosey, driven.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is: I have a phobia of mayonnaise. It makes me shudder and I literally want to vomitÖ itís just hell.

Biggest fear: Iím not too good with heights. Even if I see a mountain on TV, my feet start to tingle and it gives me the hibbie jibbies.

What would be your superpower? I'd like to be invisible - because Iím quite inquisitive!

Most embarrassing moment: I was on a first date and was playing with my hair and one of my hair extensions fell out. I had a clump of hair in my hand so had to quickly shove it in my bag, but luckily he didn't see.

Dream job: One of them is a dancer, which I have fulfilled. One of them I would love, and it's so clichť, is to be an animal trainer, cos I love animals. I think Iíd also like to be like a chef, thatíd be a fun one.

Dream holiday destination: Disney World, Florida.

Why did you decide to audition for the Crystals? When I got the email asking if Iíd like to audition, I just got so excited because Iíve always been a Palace fan and saw what the girls did. It's just exciting to be a part of the club that Iíve always supported. It's a big deal really isnít it? Iíve got a lot of local friends, so it's quite fun to be that person and I enjoy it.

What are some of your Crystals highlights? Thereís been so many. When we had the guys dancing with us to raise money for Sport Relief, that was really fun. Dancing with the kids on the pitch was really fun. As was dancing with Pete and Alice. Weíve done countless TV things and it's been a good experience really. It's not everyoneís everyday life, but it's become so normal.


Former player: Dougie Freedman.

Movie: Jurassic Park 1.

Article of clothing: Shoes.

Phone app: Snapchat.

Cartoon character: Tinker Bell.

TV show: Real Housewives.

Ice cream: Mint choc chip.

Junk food weakness: Pizza.

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