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June 2 2023 8.37pm

Keeping up with the Crystals

July 3 2016

The Crystal Girls

The Crystal Girls

It might be the off-season, but our Crystal girls have been busy out and about over the past month...

What did the girls get up to in June?

In my own little pink bubble🦄💗#blondie #mummysnightout #loveasnapchatfilter #pink X

A photo posted by Kimi Louise x (@xkimilouisex) on

Kimi looking very glamorous ahead of a big night out.

As is Sophia!

A photo posted by Malika. (@malikamedley) on

Malika takes a selfie in the poshest toilets ever.

The Crystals work hard in the gym and here's Stacy's pre-workout snap.

Training Sunday's 😅💪🏼❤️💙 #crystals

A photo posted by Claire Eglinton (@claireeglinton) on

Claire is the longest-serving Crystal!

Just want to be back in vegas with my best girl!! 🍸

A photo posted by Grace Marguet (@gracemarguet1) on

Grace posted a 'throwback' photo from when she was in Vegas.


A photo posted by Ciera 🎀 (@ciera20) on

Looking good Ciera!

So today I became a Mermaid 💙🐚🐠 #MermaidParty #EnchantedEvents

A photo posted by Jessica Betts (@jessicabettsy) on

Jessica had fun by turning into a mermaid!

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