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June 2 2023 7.55pm

Prediction League is open

August 7 2016

Prediction League 2016/17 (Photo  Stewart Johnstone

Prediction League 2016/17 (Photo Stewart Johnstone

The HOL's Prediction League is back for the new 2016/17 season. Get your forecasts in now!

With only 12 days left until the start of the 2016/17 Premier League season, there's not long left to get predicting!

Play the game here

Guess the half-time and full-time scores for Palace's league and cup matches each week the first game runs until October 31.

Points are awarded for the correct result and exact scoreline and you can go back and amend your scores before the match if you change your mind.

It's such an easy game that anyone can play and just takes a minute of your time to enter your predictions. After each match, the leaderboard is updated with the latest standings.

Joker Card

The Joker is placed on the prediction that you are most confident about and will double your score for that match.

Use it wisely as you only have one card and don't forget, double of 0 is 0!

If you are off the leaders, then it's a good way to catch up or increase your lead at the top!

Email alert service

If you keep forgetting to predict, you can always use the alert service which reminds you by email two days before the match starts.

Go to "Email Alerts" on the Prediction League page or edit your profile here ticking the Prediction League alerts box.

The first match to predict for is against West Brom at home in the Premier League on Saturday (August 13). Do you have what it takes to become an expert tipster?

Play the game here.

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