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February 22 2019 4.19am

Ledley loves 'second wife' Wayne

November 10 2016

Joe Ledley

Joe Ledley

Joe Ledley says he's spending more time in bedrooms with Wayne Hennessey than his wife.

The Wales internationals are the best of friends and are the only players in the Palace squad that share a hotel room together on away trips.

Midfield ace Ledley admits he couldn't survive without the company of his goalkeeping mate and both of their partners are not happy about the time the teammates spend together.

"We're a little bit hyper, me and Wayne, and if we were in a room amongst ourselves we'd be banging our heads against the walls," said Ledley.

"We need each other to bounce off. I've known him since we were playing at Under 14s for Wales so we're close and he's great company but I probably spend as much time sharing a bedroom with Wayne as I do with my wife.

"I don't think either of our partners are too happy about it, I think there's a bit of jealousy there.

"A few people have said we're the odd couple and it's true that he's always prepared and organised and I'm nothing like that. He brings the stuff we need, like an extra phone charger for me; he's a bit like the wife in our relationship!

"It's the same at Palace we're the only two that share and everybody else has their own rooms.

"But nobody wants to room next door to us because of the noise we make and the messing around, but when we cross the white line it's all about the serious business and getting the job done."

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