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September 25 2023 5.19am

Hennessey on Ledley's dad call

March 22 2017

Wayne Hennessey

Wayne Hennessey

Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey hopes countryman Joe Ledley won't miss their crucial game against Ireland due to the birth of his new baby.

The Palace pair are set to face the Irish in an important World Cup qualifier in Dublin on Friday night.

Midfielder Ledley's wife Ruby is due to give birth just three days later and he hopes it won't clash with the big fixture.

"He's hoping he doesn't get the call until the day after [the game]," Hennessey said.

"He's not been nervous, he's been really good, just keeping his phone on loud and for one of the members of staff to take his phone if he's out on the training field. He's been calm - it's their third so he's used to it now.

"Yeah, he doesn't plan ahead, that's his problem. It's their third, so I just hope it all goes well, fit and healthy and a few days after the game.

"He's got two girls so he'd like a boy but I'm telling him all the time 'It's going to be a girl, Joe, it's going to be a girl'."

The Eagles roommates are inseparable and their friendship goes back to more than 15 years.

"We've always had it, since we were young, meeting up when we were 15 in the Wales side at Sophia Gardens," said Hennessey.

"Our birthdays are similar - he's a day older than me - so we've been close all the way through the ranks.

"We kept in touch since we were kids and it's grown. Then I got the move to Palace and he came after and we were room-mates. It's mad."

Proud #togetherstronger ??

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