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September 23 2018 11.39am

How Palace fans can keep the faith

October 5 2017

Crystal Palace fans (Photo: Andy Roberts)

Crystal Palace fans (Photo: Andy Roberts)

Being a Crystal Palace supporter, you know the team will always provide plenty of excitement and drama, writes Chris Willmot.

As with all football clubs, there are tough times supporters have to experience. But Palace fans should not get too down about the current predicament as there are reasons to be optimistic.

Fortunes can change quickly in football, and under new management, it seems brighter days are not far away.

Hodgson could be the saviour

On the face of it, Frank de Boer looked a good appointment when the season got underway. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the board did well in acting quickly to give the incoming boss enough time to turn the tide. What was also key about this was who the new gaffer was.

Roy Hodgson could be the right man and is someone who knows how to make a team hard to beat again and hopefully get Christian Benteke scoring after he gets back from injury.

Crucially, he has also been in sticky situations at the wrong end of the table before like in 2008, when he kept Fulham up against all odds. This experience means he will be able to mould the team into his own image and hopefully do the same for Palace.

Plenty of time

Hand in hand with the above, is that the season has only just started! Itís not wise to get too concerned at such an early stage, as by Christmas it could be much better. This is why the board did well in acting quickly to get Hodgson in.

They have given him enough time to save the situation and plenty of chance to get the team playing how he wants. All teams have a bad run Ė maybe Palace are just getting theirs out of the way now!

Time for fans to back the team

Itís even more vital for the fans get behind the side in this tough period. The one thing you canít do is turn on the manager or players Ė give them time now to work hard and pick up some points. It may take a while to settle down, but after Hodgson has been there a while, it should look much better.

Itís not just at the games that you can show your backing, though. Make sure youíre not hammering the players or team on social media, as this can have a negative impact on their mental approach. The whole club really needs to stick together and keep the atmosphere as positive as possible.

Of course, the players and manager need to do their bit also in terms of repaying this support. Having Hodgson in will help greatly with this Ė he talks sense in interviews and is straight with the fans. He will also make sure the players work hard, if nothing else, which will galvanise the crowd and at least make them difficult to beat.

Can Palace reverse their form?

With the current players in the squad, along with Hodgsonís tactical changes, it seems likely that Palace will see their fortunes change soon. If they can keep Benteke fit and supply him with chances, the goals will surely follow. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is another key player on his recent form, and he could provide the attacking midfield creativity needed at the club.

The odds may even be in Palaceís favour in future games, and with the best UK casino sites now offering sports betting opportunities, fans might be tempted to back the team this way.

Keeping the faith

Palace have some of the best fans in the league, who follow the club through thick and thin. While the current situation is not ideal, itís just a case of everyone sticking together and getting through it.

There is a lot of football still to be played in the season and by showing your continued loyal support, you can help the players to respond in the right way.

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