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November 29 2021 8.35am

The Palace academy is making great strides

July 20 2021

Crystal Palace academy

Crystal Palace academy

How does Crystal Palace help develop students' football? Peter Blake takes a closer look.

The Crystal Palace academy for football was created to invest in the education of young football players and provide them with the coaching, network, lifestyle, and health advice that they need to be successful in their careers.

The football academy offers an advanced football development and education program supported by experts. They use advanced technology and coaching methods and are constantly looking for talented players to join their academy.

However, they are very selective about who gets in, and the competition is tough. So, it's a good opportunity to buy an assignment or hire a writing service to ensure that your assignments online and academic scores are perfect before you apply to join the academy.

They also offer the chance to talented players internationally and have many host families recruited at Crystal Palace, which provides a safe family environment for those students.

Crystal Palace Academy also has its own official charity, named the palace for life foundation. The foundation has been working with the community of south London for over 25 years.

And they use the power of football and the Palace brand to try and influence or change the lives of young players from across the country and push them to live healthier lives and find a better path.

They cover a broad spectrum, from sessions for young people with disabilities to delivering workshops and engaging assemblies in nearby colleges and schools. The foundation also offers free sessions to young students in areas of deprivation, alongside pastoral support, to promote positive values and prepare them for a better life.

They are constantly showing that everyone matters, regardless of their beliefs and background, and are constantly giving extra support to the most vulnerable to create a better community.

This improves the level of education. Every student always wants to find results-driven essay writing service in the UK, but the students of the academy do not have banal school projects, so they have a positive attitude to learning.

The academy has a place for around 80 students, both female, and male. And the students who get to join the academy must go through two hours of coaching each day alongside conditioning and strength training and other individual programs. Students usually train during the morning and afternoons and are led by UEFA- licensed coaches.

And they also get the opportunity to play in the National Football. Youth League with clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea. Liverpool, Newcastle United, and Everton.

Also, they offer the students to combine the coaching with BTEC Level 2 or 3 in sports, allowing them to study while playing. The study programs include English and Maths qualifications and also work experience and employability skills.

After the end of the academy, all students get the opportunity to try out for the Main Crystal Palace academy. And many of the former students even had several trials for non-league, semi-professional, and even professional football clubs and got scholarships to universities in the USA.

Another big thing is that the university of Roehampton partnered with Crystal Palace FC. They have signed a three-year partnership. That agreement also comprises ongoing cooperative work between the palace for life foundation and the university, an engagement program that works with more than 13,000 students a year in south London.

Some Aspects of that partnership also include:

Internships, micro placement, and project work opportunities for the students across the activities of a palace for life foundation and crystal palace FC.

Presence by representatives of the football club at some of the career events and career fairs and even guest lessons from them

An annual open day for the students who take classes at the University of Roehampton, at Selhurst Park, provides opportunities for paid part-time jobs.

The training sessions of the Roehampton women's FC team are held at the Crystal Palace Women's FC training ground. And twice a year, both teams have friendly matches.

Also, the man's team of Crystal Palace FC plays in the Premier League. The women's team plays in the FA Women's Championship. In addition to that, the students and teachers of Roehampton get exclusive discounts on the tickets.

Over the years, Crystal Palace and the University promised to explore their opportunities to develop their partnership even further, to help the development of football in the UK even more.

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