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November 30 2021 11.42pm

The five worst Palace managers

October 22 2021

Frank de Boer

Frank de Boer

So who are the worst Crystal Palace managers? Mark Toomey picks out his five.

Crystal Palace are managed by Patrick Vieira, whose football playing style is a breath of fresh air after Roy Hodgson.

Will he fare better than Hodgson? Or will he become a number in the list below?

#5 Alan Pardew

After being a player of Crystal Palace in the 90s, Alan Pardew came in with a lot of hope but failed to deliver. Pardew was said to love being in the spotlight, and he had some victories at the beginning but it was temporary, and the team had 3 months run without any wins. He was sacked in 2017 after a poor season. When it comes to Palace managers he is not the worst. But, if we take the whole Premier League into consideration, his performance looks disappointing.

#4 Ian Holloway

There are conflicting opinions on Ian Holloway and his overall well-liked due to his quotable utterances, but the team performance under his rule wasn't the best. His winning ratio says it for itself - 37, 45 per cent. He started managing Palace in 2012, had some wins, but mostly losses, and he gracefully left in 2013 by mutual consent.

#3 Neil Warnock

Neil Warnock first became manager of Palace in 2007. This was supposed to be his last managerial job and he did quite well, but he didn't have the patience and strength to save Palace during financial troubles and he was let go. After the first spell, he ended up being a boss once again in 2014. During that time the team performance significantly dropped and Neil was once again let go.

#2 George Burley

Despite a promising start and win against Leicester City, the team performance dramatically declined and George Burley was sacked after only a year of being in charge. He'd probably be better off playing at casino live shows, than managing real-life games. Take a break, George!

#1 Frank de Boer

Frank de Boer is the most convincing proof that not all players can become managers. As a player, De Boer was able to play for club teams like Ajax and Barcelona before retiring and becoming a a boss. Even though he wasn't terrible at managing other teams, during his tenure, Palace only lost and didn't score. He had trouble communicating with the players and convincing them to play according to his tactics. Frank de Boer was the worst manager in Palace Football Club's history. He was so bad that he had his contract terminated after just five months.

Club's Official Managerial Records

Let's take a look at some statistics involving Crystal Palace managers. The longest-serving manager was Edmund Goodman, who guided the team for 613 matches between 1907 and 1925.

The most successful manager, according to the stats, was Steve Coppell, managing the team through 565 wins in a few different periods.

After analysing the worst managers and taking a quick look at some good ones in Palace's history, it is important for a manager to have longevity and patience. The most successful managers were able to maintain their positions over many years and demonstrate an ability to handle difficult situations with diplomacy and grace.

It's not about the spotlight, it's about good strategies and proper communication. We keep our fingers crossed for Patrick Vieira!

Thanks to LV BET for supplying this story.

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