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October 26 2020 1.38am

Bruce - fans had their rights

April 2 2002

Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce said the fans had every right to be angry with him on his hostile return to Selhurst Park.

But yet again, talked about circumstances behind the scenes which culiminated in him leaving that have not been made public.

He was struck by a missile coming off the team coach and when coming off the pitch where he was also jeered and spat on.

He told the Birmingham Evening Mail: "I knew how they felt at the time and I expected it to be as hostile as it was.

"Those fans have a right to say and do what they like, so I was prepared. The only thing is that they don't know what went on behind the scenes back then and I cannot say anything about it.

"The people that really, really matter to me are aware.

"I tried to concentrate on the game as best I could when we got under way, but there's always that feeling in the back of your mind that it only takes one nutcase.

"On the whole, yesterday wasn't a problem for me. Yes, I felt something hit me when I got off the bus but as for all the rest of it, I wasn't bothered."

Bruce avoided the post match press conference for safety reasons and Palace fans were held behind the gates in Holmesdale Road as the coach left the ground.

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