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February 22 2018 8.56am

Welcome to our fun scores prediction game that reveals how good you really are at forecasting Crystal Palace's results.

Simply enter your predictions for half-time and full-time in the fixtures below. You can predict up to five matches in advance and come back at any time to change your predictions.

The Joker Card - the Joker is placed on the prediction that you are most confident about and will double your score for that match.

Date Home team    Away team   Kick-off HT FT  
Feb 25 Palace v Tottenham Hotspur 12.00pm ..-.. ..-.. Add
Mar 05 Palace v Manchester United 8.00pm ..-.. ..-.. Add
Mar 10 Chelsea v Palace 5.30pm ..-.. ..-.. Add
Mar 17 Huddersfield Town v Palace 3.00pm ..-.. ..-.. Add
Mar 31 Palace v Liverpool 12.30pm ..-.. ..-.. Add
You are here: Home > Fun & Games > Prediction League