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October 18 2017 11.17pm

Bully Promoted At Work - The Law

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Originally posted by Qwijibo

As a joke, when I was 14, at school in the generously titled 'IT' class, I printed a load of home made business cards that said 'Andrew Miles Rent Boy' on them, with his home number. Then went to WH Smith and just stuck a load in magazines and newspapers. Genuinely never actually thought people would ring this number. Turns out there are a lot of grubby people in Stratford Upon Avon who like rent boys. I'd also never considered his dad ran his taxi business from that number, so every time the phone rang he'd think it was a job, only for it to transpire to be a random person wanting to bum his teenage son. He wasn't happy.

It's been a while since a post on here has made me laugh so heartily at my desk, nice!


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Bullies are basically unhappy insecure nutters who wish to share their misery all about. They are scum.

sadly, they are everywhere. my lesson was that if you stand up to them it feels good and pays off in the end. Trying to ignore or appease them is the very worst thing as it just seems to encourage them.

here is one thing you could do. Lets call the bully 'Frank'. you print hundreds of small papers, about the size of a postage stamp. Upon them it reads ''work slow and make mistakes for Frank''. Wear rubber gloves.

put them behind filing cabinets, under mouse mats, in the bogs, EVERYWHERE....just do not get caught. Rather than carpet bombing everywhere simultaneously, do a slow dropoff. Leave them in the type of place they may not be discovered for weeks.....making people confused as to when they were placed.

if enough people dislike 'Frank' he will soon be failing at all his work objectives. Then the management will give him the heave-ho

or maybe this......

do a typed mailshot to various movers and shakers in the company, especially the secretaries, the cleaners, the tea lady. And it simply reads

'' Frank is a Bully ( copy and circulate this message if you agree) ''. You circulate it in different types of paper, font, etc.
then cc it to your clients
then your neighbouring companies
then the local coffee shops and bars
then stick signs up on walls as you enter the building at 6am.

just do not get caught on cc tv or anything like that.

when confronted you must swear blind to have zero knowledge of the origin of these papers.

bullies are powerless once they have been outed.

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Red Card - User has been banned ParchmoreEagle Flag Belair 11 Mar 17 1.29pm

Look for another job mate. Don't go down the legal route, ie: formal bullying complaints as it's a load of bollocks, they'll smile and go through all the legal protocols all the while hating you for making them go through it, then they'll find a reason to sack you or make life so difficult you'll just leave, with a record of having made a workplace complaint for your next job interview.



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