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July 31 2021 8.04pm

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It seems that a number of forum members either haven't read the forum's rules or are happy to flout them.

I'm fed up with logging on in the morning and having to clean up threads that have descended into personal insults so thought I would take this opportunity to remind everyone of what are perhaps the most important of the forum's rules.

Quote By becoming a member of the site, you agree to the following rules:

4.By all means, slag off the club, management and players. But do not slag off this website, other Palace sites and more importantly, your fellow Palace supporters. If you have a problem, email us direct:

5.If you are offended by a poster's comments, don't reply back with a pointless argument. Use the 'Alert a moderator to this post' link under the post in question. Any postings which may degenerate into slagging matches will also be deleted.

7.Flaming - We do not tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks on the message boards. You will be banned if you persist in this behaviour.

I am well aware of who the forum bullies are and if the personal abuse continues we will have no hesitation in handing out cards


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