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That escalated quickly.....
Updated 3703 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:October 2 1981
Location:Melbourne, Australia Australia (Australia)
Occupation:Project Marketing Executive


May 06 2014
AussiePalace That escalated quickly..... 4.26am
October 29 2013
AussiePalace Had a great time in Europe, is happy to be home. Thanks to everyone I met on the day out to Liverpool. 7.11am
September 26 2013
AussiePalace Is on the plane to London tomorrow! 12.16pm
September 15 2013
AussiePalace Look out London, 14 days to go. 8.00am
September 12 2013
AussiePalace HAS A LIVERPOOL TICKET!!! 12.33pm
AussiePalace Is getting closer to a Liverpool ticket, but not there yet... 11.03am
AussiePalace Praying for a Liverpool ticket. Praying. 9.11am
September 11 2013
AussiePalace Is excited the Liverpool tickets are about to be on sale. Hopefully I can get one! 9.37pm
August 30 2013
AussiePalace Coach to Anfield booked with AQG2, just waiting on a ticket now! 1.03pm
July 14 2013
AussiePalace Cannot wait till I touch down in London Town. 2.59am
July 09 2013
AussiePalace Hurry the f*ck up, SKY 7.19am
June 22 2013
AussiePalace Can't wait! 10.45pm
AussiePalace Please get me to Anfield, HOL 7.35am
June 19 2013
AussiePalace I'm going to ANFIELD!!! (hopefully) 10.19am

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Member Since:December 20 2008

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