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General Info

Marital Status:Separated
Birthday:July 7 1989
Location:Guildford England (England)
Interests:Make-up, Music, Hair, Writing, Reading, Pilates, Family and Friends etc


April 20 2019
smirnoff is now Separated 8.39pm
smirnoff Yooooooo 8.39pm
November 30 2017
smirnoff has changed her favourite player to Christian Benteke 9.29am
November 28 2017
smirnoff Baby is kicking away whilst watching the match! He's a Palace fan already too! Takes after his mama... 8.34pm
smirnoff Just hates Brighton so much! 7.39pm
August 12 2017
smirnoff has updated her location to Guildford 5.42pm
smirnoff is now Married 5.42pm
smirnoff is a married lady :D 5.41pm
smirnoff is a married lad 5.40pm
June 23 2017
smirnoff hi lovelies :D 7.43pm
January 01 2017
smirnoff Happy new year, guys :) 2.39pm
January 09 2016
smirnoff is watching films by candlelight in bed with the husband-to-be, eating biscuits, drinking tea and listening to the rain. Very cosy :) Feeling poorly though :( 6.58pm
December 30 2015
smirnoff i hate brighton 4.29pm
August 28 2015
smirnoff Can see why Clapham Junction is Britain's busiest station!! Madness! 12.14pm

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Palace Information

Fav. Player:Christian Benteke

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Member Since:December 1 2012

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