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June 19 2021 11.34am


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Marital Status:Single
Location:Croydon England (England)
Occupation:Quantity Surveyor


January 06 2013
akiisalegend P 1.07pm
September 29 2012
akiisalegend Meeting someone after chatting could be the perfect fit!! 2.56am
August 21 2012
akiisalegend not the best of starts! 9.19am
akiisalegend has changed his favourite player to Jon Williams 9.03am
akiisalegend has updated his profile photo 8.55am
akiisalegend has joined the Holmesdale Online 8.02am
akiisalegend has updated his email address 8.00am
July 11 2012
akiisalegend has updated his occupation 8.04pm
May 12 2012
akiisalegend player of the year tonight, gonna be messy 4.48pm
akiisalegend player of te year tonight, gonna be messy 4.48pm
February 29 2012
akiisalegend is pleased with parker being england captain 12.03pm
January 20 2012
akiisalegend Getting excited about cardiff now! 12.05am
akiisalegend Getting excited about cardiff no1w 12.05am
January 10 2012
akiisalegend On his way back from Bristol for the game! Seems like I've done this a hundred times! 1.07pm

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Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block F Row 23 Seat 109

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Member Since:June 7 2005

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