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June 4 2023 9.10pm

Jolly Messages

We pay tribute to Jolly for 12 years' service to CPFC

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'You've been a great servant and a true pro. During the dark days you helped hold us together and you always wore the red and blue with pride. Good luck for the future'

'A true loyal servant to the club we all love. Good luck Simon in all the futures things you do, you will be sorely missed by fans who respect your qualities as a player and a person.'

'What can u say about this man? How many players do you know that have racked up 300+ games for the Eagles? You are a legend Jolly and you will be missed by every fan. Good luck in the rest of your career and hope another club sees what a valuable player you are GOOD LUCK AND THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES'

'In a time when all that matters to most footballers is money, you have proved to us all that the club is most important to you - you are Palace through and through. Thanks for everything you have done for us Jolly, you are truly one of the legends at Palace and my best wishes, along with every other Palace fan, go out to your for the future!'

'Good luck Simon. You have always been in my all time Palace favourites list. I still cannot understand why they are letting such a key, influential and loyal player go. You deserve better than this. I keep on hoping for a U-turn, unlikely as it is. All the best for the future - I'm sure you will be a success wherever you go. Thanks again for all your loyal service.'

Like Sir Steve Coppell, you're a rarity in today's football. You play with your heart on your sleeve and your commitment to the cause was never more evident than when we were in administration. Thank you for that. You are one of few legends at Selhurst Park who has brought much joy and happiness to us all with your battling displays and cruical goals...Take with you that memory and enjoy your future wherever that maybe.'

'Jolly, you seem to be the player that has never aged. I've always been happy to see you on the teamsheet and you've been solid through thick and thin. It's a terrible shame that you have to go. GOOD LUCK wherever you go and we hope to see you back at Selhurst Park. See you at your Testimonal - let's hope you get the crowd you most certainly deserve.'

'Two key memories for me. Firstly I recall that last minute goal against Southend, the reason I remember it was because that game was going down in the history books as one of the worst 0-0's ever...and then Jolly comes on and absolutely crashed it in at the far post - magic. The second thing that always sticks in my mind was his performance away at Wolves in the play off semi second leg. There was a fierce atmosphere beyond belief that might, and as I was screaming "just get it away" Jolly kept making space and 'giving it sensible' all 90 mins. His contribution to that play off series can never be underestimated'

'Good Luck with everything that you do Jolly, we'll miss you commanding the midfield and kicking lumps out of those pretty boy strikers. I hope you find a good club who will appreciate you as much as we do, you'll be welcome back anytime.'

'You pioneered the blonde, floppy fringed look before Beckham and his hairdresser came on the scene. Good luck...'

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