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February 18 2019 10.51am

Black Culture museum

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steve1984 10 Feb 19 11.52pm

I spent some of this evening thinking about the Museum of White Caribbean Culture that you proposed as a reaction to the mooted Museum Of Black British Culture.

It's an interesting concept for a museum and I was intrigued to know what kind of museum you imagined it to be?

Having pleaded ignorance, you chose to wash your hands of the task of sketching out the scope of the museum's content. Which seeing as it was your crap idea is a total cop-out.

Since the arrival of white Europeans in the Caribbean, the history of the area has been heavily influenced, if not entirely shaped by them. So there's plenty of subject matter for a museum.

So I was sitting here wondering if there is / was anything or anyone that could be "celebrated" in this museum of yours. And I'm happy to say that there probably is. But I'm buggered if I'm gonna help you out by suggesting any of them.

But why are you being so reticent here? Are we seriously meant to believe that having started this thread, you're clever enough to propose the concept but too "ignorant" to consider if it could be practically implemented?

I don't buy into your ignorance.

The reason you're not willing to discuss what your museum might look like, is that you realised almost immediately that the contribution that white culture made in the Caribbean is almost exclusively synonymous with colonialism and (no I'm not feeling even remotely guilty) slavery.

Religion, the economy, society, politics, ethnicity / race, class, the arts, sport, history, geography - basically everything in the Caribbean has been shaped by white culture. And as you also realised, there's practically nothing white here that anyone would wish to celebrate.

Whilst I for one wouldn't want to visit a Museum of Black British Culture, I do at least acknowledge that some people might like to visit such a place. Yes I'd rather see the black British architect's work in a museum of British architecture.

But who on earth is going to want to visit a museum of White Caribbean Culture? It's a s*** idea and you'd have been better off just admitting it and moving on. But then you couldn't do that because you'd need to acknowledge all that oppression and suffering which you refuse to countenance because it refuses to coexist with your xenophobic world view.

So keep on giving me the "it's for the locals to decide" horses*** and I'll leave you alone with your clear conscience and your mirror.


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View Stirlingsays's Profile Stirlingsays Online Flag Wisbech, England 11 Feb 19 9.28am Send a Private Message to Stirlingsays Holmesdale Online Elite Member Add Stirlingsays as a friend

You built your entire post based upon something I've said several times I don't want. You know this, but you went ahead and wrote that anyway.....those mirrors eh.

The only reason I mentioned this idea was to highlight how unpopular it would be due to the combination of 'anti white' culture pushed by people like you and how....again people like you would tar those pushing it as racist. Something we have seen from more than just you in this thread....It stands in contrast to your support for Museums for non whites.

I don't want museums that exclude based upon a skin colour. That's in Britain, the West Indies or anywhere else.

That's not because I don't regard race as important, it's just because it's not an attribute that I think museums should base themselves upon. There are exceptions to stated, a national museum might do exhibitions based upon an array of topics and this might be one.

I'll state again, those in the thread who had no issues with racial museums for all types aren't people I can't really criticise in this fashion but I just don't think it's a positive move.

However, I think this kind of thing is inevitable as identity politics grows and is the realm into which we are moving. As seen here, you support that for one, but you criticise it for another.

Every action has a reaction and I'm investigating this area myself now. I have mixed feelings about it and there are aspects around it I don't support. But one thing is for sure.

If identity politics is allowed for one, then it's allowed for all. It wasn't people like me who supported the opening of pandora's box.

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Originally posted by Pussay Patrol

We can't rewrite the history books but should pay any reparations

What do you propose? Im intrigued.



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