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June 21 2021 2.54am

Vegan Beefburgers And Sausages - Why?

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Originally posted by BlueJay

I purposefully posted it on account that it links through to several noteable studies. What an amazing coincidence that you view them to be lies and nonsense, much like everything else that isn't aligned with your personal anecdotal understanding of reality.

It's ludicrous to claim that you personally know that injuries caused to this list of professional sportspeople are solely down to a vegetable based diets. There are so many unknowable and individual aspects that it becomes so anecdotal to the extreme. For someone who thinks they can 'rip apart' respected scientific studies, you put a lot of stock in 'what happened to Dave'.

I'll leave you to it. You know best .

The studies in that article that you linked to on BBC are useless as I have already stated you have no idea what you are even looking at.

Did you even read any of the studies?

So by some chance a top level athlete who has no history of issues yet he switches to a diet which is know and proven by science to not offer bio available sources plus all the nutrition we require naturally starts to lose performance also picking up lots of injuries this is just one of those things that happens right ok that is possible but their is a pattern this is happening with all of them that switch to this not just one. (if this is the proper way of living and health why is it you cant do it for babies/young children a few studies plus reviews have been done on this I can link to them if you wish showing it is terrible due to lack of required nutrients)

All nutrition science in modern day is anecdotal finally you are starting to get it. (this is why you have to use the past again I stated this looking at data of how our species became what it is plus when we started to see the decline but again by your logic i expect this is meaningless)

But you are still completely missing the point I have made many times about mechanisms plus bio availability.

Show 1 single athletes that was built and performed their whole career at the top level with your vegan/veg only diet again you cant because not 1 single person has done that you cant that is why the same with no multi generation vegans

I bet you are one the the people that believe that RDA are legit and the concept calories in equals calories out.

People like yourself who have no fn idea what they are talking about need to stay in their lane stick to what you do know don't go coming out with things you have read from some magazines or biased media outlet which the author again has no clue or is paid off.

If you want to learn good for you listen to the people who have done real science and have worked in the field for many decades not being paid off for pseudoscience.


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