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April 14 2024 2.03am

Holmesdale flags and fundraiser

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First of all, twcpfc, well done for coming on as a spokesperson for the HF, either in an official or an unofficial capacity.

I was a supporter of the HF but no more. I felt there was an entitlement to the seat moves but I supported you still.

But the banners against Arsenal and in the home game after were my tipping point.

Partly it is because, having obtained the best seats in the stand, you have become an isolated group largely singing your own songs that just don't resonate with me.

And with that, the atmosphere is slowly whittling away.

The banners though, were simply idiotic in my eyes. And pushed me towards thinking you are bad for the club.

Will the atmosphere be worse without you? Yes. Do I care? Also yes. Do I care enough to see you remain as a group of ultras (who don't go home and away)? No.

I'm happy to read your replies, acknowledge you did a lot of good, but I am unconvinced you represent "the fans"...if you ever did.


If you want to live in a world full of kindness, respect and love, try to show these qualities.

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Originally posted by twcpfc

This is reasonable, especially the second half I see where you’re coming from. I’ve attached the message, which specifies the “entire” holmesdale, as, presuming all goes to plan, we are involving the entire stand in this project so it “levelling up” the lower and upper. The fund is optional but we all go to selhurst for the same common goal. In terms of not involving the rest of the fanbase we involve the entire fanbase where possible eg Brentford at home (fundraiser) and are completely open to contact online or in person or if anyone who wants to join the singing section. I think this current idea is very promising

Most fans go to watch a football match, not wave silly flags in the air, blocking the view of others. If you want to wave flags about there is a park in South Norwood you can do it, without disturbing anyone.


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I think the HF have become an embarrassment to Palace (fans as well as the club in general). The club bent over backwards to appease them with preferential FA cup semi final and final tickets so they could all sit together. Then there was the hugely unpopular move from the club to displace season ticket holders from their seats, some of which have been there since the stand was built and all to please the HF. They for a long time enhanced the atmosphere, for a long time now they have sought to control it. Even singing over other sections who are trying to create atmosphere with their own songs.
But its the banners that have made them a laughing stock to the wider football world. Its a spoilt brat entitled attitude and what makes it worse is between spokespeople for HF and the media the perception is given that all other Palace fans share your views. We dont. I was pleased to see Textor's comments after having met with HF members (another indulgence I would not have offered them). I mean the 'why did you buy Lyon? Their Ultras are "right" we're "left"' Really? Could you be any more childish and naive? You really think Textor cares about that rubbish?
I think the HF did a decent job. That was a long time ago before they started thinking they spoke for all Palace fans (you represent about 2% of Palace's overall fanbase) and before they started putting up cringy banners. If they got back to treating fellow fans as equals, focussed fully on creating a good atmosphere home and away and stopped forming opinions that just make them look silly then maybe all the rest of us fans might start thinking the HF are worth having. Fans might even be prepared to help with funding on some of these initiatives and work together.
In a few words I'd say HF popularity is seriously on the wane. If they dont want the vast majority of Palace fans to completely turn their backs on them I'd suggest they wake up.


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Originally posted by Elpis

Sorry , Im just a grumpy old b****** that needs reminding what it was like to be 20 now and again


Can you remember that far back Elpis? I’m struggling


Made in Bromley

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