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April 10 2021 7.23pm

Covid vaccine

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Originally posted by steeleye20

Vaccines cannot hide the decimation of the UKs exports to the EU, it's primary trading partner.

And the EUs exports to the UK are unaffected due to the extension in place until at least January next year.

The UKs self interest over vaccines is a gamble which has worked so far, but that's all.

And UK businesses are clear we are not talking about 'teething' but the reality of leaving the EU.

As you are back with us, Any response regarding undesirables being attracted to the Home Office

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Originally posted by Mapletree

Imperialists sell developing countries finished goods, thereby putting themselves into the driving seat on the commercial relationship.

The alternative approach is to encourage the other countries to develop their own indigenous capability to develop and market a good.

In the case of AstraZeneca it is working with suppliers in 15 countries. The UK has also made advance orders from suppliers in multiple other countries which will have given an early boost to their indigenous capabilities.

The early authorisation and adoption of each vaccine has been a significant driver for worldwide production. The UK should soon authorise four more vaccines.

The EU sponsored the production of the BioNTech vaccine. The US sponsored Moderna.

It should be noted that the AstraZeneca vaccine was specifically developed to be very cheap to support developing countries. That is the only reason Oxford went with them. AZ has committed to not making a profit from the pandemic. It seems the other countries may be trying to recover or to profit from their investments. That may explain the delay in authorisations of some vaccines.

In addition, those that paid most largely got earlier deliveries as they supported the R&D through their high price. The EU pays the lowest price per dose for the AZ vaccine - .15.

In contrast, Israel paid .50 per dose of the Pfizer vaccine. That now appears to have been money well spent.

It is surely moot to criticise the UK for not insisting that AZ breaks its UK agreement to benefit the EU countries. France has used 72% and Germany 68% of the AstraZeneca jabs they have received, according to the latest figures European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The Netherlands has used only 44% of its supply.

Point well made and that is my issue. The EU likes to be critical of the UK, whilst not utilising the AZ vaccines its received. That they would deny a country that will use them, whilst they are clearly not, leaves an opinion about the EU.

Additionally the EU is not exporting anything. Pfizer is simply contractually fulfilling its contracts from its manufacturing base in Germany or Belgium.

AZ is fulfilling its from India but also from its EU locations.

The EU have not played this well at all and seeks to lay the blame at the door of the UK - seemingly doing a Nelson to the lack of use of AZ within its Empire.

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Just did a stint at the Bromley Mass Vaccination site today. We were not busy at all* and don't expect to be for the next few days.

If you know anyone over 50 (or one of the vulnerable groups below 50 that the government has identified) that has not had there first vaccine now is a good time to do it.

If they can make it to Bromley Civic Centre just off the high street tell them to go online and book with the NHS now.

*There are vaccine supply issues across the country so the priority is the 2nd doses. However at Bromley Civic Centre they have the vaccine but not the first jab patients. This is a local problem.

The government wont release the next tranche 40-50yo's just yet but there are probably still about 30% of the current group in the Bromley area who have not been vaccinated.

Have a word with these folk and give them a nudge in the right direction.


One more point

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Originally posted by palace_in_frogland

And again. Its a horrible feeling!

Don't worry. You'll get over it and everything will be back to normal soon!

On the other hand maybe we will find common ground elsewhere. Who knows!


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