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June 21 2021 2.00am

May 6th 2021 elections thread.

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Originally posted by ASCPFC

The basic point where Labour need to change is to highlight tax abuses. Ensure the wealthiest pay tax and reduce the tax burden on the average worker. That will give them votes. Improve services, highlight that. That would give them votes.

They need to take any identity politics and groupings out of their rhetoric. It doesn't go down well with the less wealthy, it's more suited to bearded focus groups in 'uni'.

The thing is that all I see is Labour already doing the first part. Made all the promises in their 2019 manifesto and constantly banging on about improving services (and to be fair, they actually have some reasonable ideas on this. No point in pretending not).

But your second point is literally impossible for them. Identity politics is now so deeply woven into their collective political DNA that it is impossible. They simply are far, far to down the rabbit hole. This is their fundamental weakness. Trans rights are a priority for them all. Critical Race Theory is a priority for them all. On a local level, if they focus on the basics, they can actually be quite effective. Preston is a great example where a Labour council have, largely under the radar, made a difference. Introduced some rather clever community projects.

However nationally, they are utterly woke. Institutionally so. There is no going back for them and that picture of Starmer taking the knee will haunt him forever. But which Labour heavy-weight did not go down like a sack of spuds last year?

Any voice on the Left that does not toe the party line on a whole range of issues that puts them at complete odds with the voters they need to reach are destroyed. They could barely survive in most local Labour associations, let alone ever make it through the candidate selection process.

For any potential Labour candidate on the TV, they can be destroyed by and every third rate presenter who wants to tie them in knots over the Gender issue. That simple.

Labour are no longer fit for any kind of formal electoral politics. A glorified protest movement now. That is it.


In 1967, when Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take human life, replied: "I wouldn't know, I've only ever killed communists."

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