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March 22 2019 4.32am

Rise in violent crime

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Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

Hes back!

He is....but I thought about it.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

In fairness, you could probably find evidence but yeah itís my interpretation of the general state of play, although itís definately wide than just my Ďbubbleí. I donít just form my views and opinions based on what people I know say. If I did I think Iíd be in real trouble. Iíd argue the same could be said of your opinions

Yep, bubbles of some sort are unavoidable. Few of us think our perceptions are incorrect, though purely on a statistical measure many of them must be.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

To cut out the waffle, I thought being anti mixed race marriage/sex/relationships was long in the past. At least in the mainstream anyway. No matter how you cut it, that is, as we discussed before, technically racist.

Well, I think my desire for England to remain majority biologically European has been dashed to the rocks long term....and yes I'm resentful of anyone who follows my occasional rants would see.

However, I wouldn't say I'm anti mixed race marriage really. They might be excellent and nice people. I'm not turning up and going 'boo hiss' as they speed away to their wedding night.

If someone's mixed race then I can still regard them as English if that's how they define...because they probably are at least half English anyway. What I'm talking about is a nation not losing its genetic heritage and a desire to keep an English most things it's a number's game.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

What that doesnít mean is you canít have a preference, say, on a dating site, as one pleb pointed out so eloquently. Both thoughts and reasons for choice come from two very different places. No one is suggesting you canít make choices based on race, but the crucial thing is why, how and for what reason youíre making them. From your previous replies you certainly appeared to understand this view as at the very least walking a very fine line.

I just don't think it's that important. I think society has wound itself up into a ball over race in its constant need for simplistic narratives with fake heroes and villains.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

You place negative choice on race at the same level as choosing a girlfriend - itís a bad comparison. One is equal no matter culture race or creed, one is not.

Can't say I agree with that......The plain looking girlfriend is not equal to the good looking girlfriend in how the world treats her at all.

The reality is you are caught up in one form of natural discrimination while dismissing another.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

Just because people tend to choose to stay within their racial groups as a majority trend doesnít mean people that donít should be penalised, or in some way made to feel inferior, ashamed or belittled.

That is at the crux of the issue. fall in love with who you fall in love with.

That doesn't mean that a nation shouldn't look to retain its European basis.....otherwise Europe will soon not be Europe.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

Stupidity is not exclusive. Race is. Judging on stupidity is equally fair game. Judging on race in the way you are is not. Itís a subtle but very important difference.

Why is the exclusivity important? The fact is the individual had no choice over their genetics but is still judged over it. It's all arbitrary....people do this all the time yet demon one particular form over another.

Race isn't that exclusive has many mixtures.....but you have a subtle point there...just not one I personally think matters that much.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

Iíd be very interested to conduct a poll on whether not wanting ones child to marry or procreate with another race (Any race, whatever) was racist or not. Iíd be amazed if most people said no. Thatís where I think youíre out of touch. Iím not even sure that Stevey would say that. He has black friends you know. Maybe if they were a Muslim, anyway I digress.

Mmmm...Like I said, on the basis upon how you framed it, I think most people are racist to some level......As I say the statistics on how mixed society actually isn't and how racial groups collect together is more than ample evidence.

Most human beings have in built group's just a certain demographic in power in society regard it as a negative....even though its the norm all through society.....from where people have chosen to live, work, mix and ultimately mate with.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

Iím not suggesting you pull your horns in, especially if this was a private forum but itís not. If I had loads of money and didnít need to work, had no reputation at stake etc then Iíd go for it much more - but Iím not that naive. If people want to find you, theyíll find you. This is not Chatham house rules or the local Wisbech inn. And to me that says more about your interpretation of the wider world and where it is now and where it is heading being more out of touch than mine. Maybe thatís age.

You are probably right and it's given me much pause to think.

Originally posted by SW19 CPFC

You might not accept the characterisation of Japan but itís all there if you choose to read about it rather than ignore it. You often hold it up as a model of aspiration and that maybe exposes your bias. There are clearly benefits to their approach but a rounded objective person would also realise its flaws.

Edited by SW19 CPFC (20 Mar 2019 10.36pm)

What can I say....I love Japan...and I have bias. Yeah, it has flaws, and huge historic issues.....However, in the modern sense I admire it.

Western left/neo liberal society needs to come back to earth in regards to race and stop treating it like a virtue signalling witch hunt exercise for imaginary mostly invented evils.

We need more mature and sensible leaders.

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whom other people choose to partner up with is basically their own business. As discussed above. Nothing to do with the State.


when you start to admit tens of millions of single men from the third world into Europe to pursue local women , ....then its not just a private matter...its a political hot potato. In a dating market where every woman of childbearing age is being pursued by numerous suitors, men are replaceable and interchangeable.

the Rise in violent crime is connected to :

-the breakdown of the nuclear family
- illegitimacy rates, absentee fathers
- a Welfare system which rewards relationship failures, academic underachievement and career failure.
- teenage girls having kids with men who are longterm unemployed....and across society these kids outnumbering those kids fathered by career men.
- a legal system which punishes men for getting married. Divorce. The kids are the victim. The dad gets kicked out of the house he bought and is replaced by the 'stepdad' or sometimes a succession of serial 'stepdads'.

the stabber kids in London, what proportion of them have a family background which falls into the above categories ? boys growing up in households with no positive male role model nor any male authority figure. So these teenage boys end up on our streets seven nights a week.

SocLib Feminist Marxism has driven all of the above.

wanna see a dystopian horrorshow ? Visit Malmo in Sweden. Stab city.
Sweden where middle-aged local ladies can choose which toyboy (20 or 30 years their junior) will be their partner this year.

A society where everybody knows their rights, but nobody wants to face up to any duties.

Nothing to do with how many cops are on the streets.
And all brought to you by Feminist-Marxism. An ideology for those who are permanently offended and outraged.

Remember the London riots ? next time the goodies may not regain control of the streets...ever. Malmo is a warning.


34,300 reasons to love Selhurst in 2021

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The approach in New York was largely based on Broken Windows theory. Worth looking up.


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