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March 18 2019 8.05pm

HOLS obsession with racism?

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Originally posted by Wisbech Eagle

It makes a nice change to find at least one point of agreement for I too make no special allowances for those who hold religious beliefs. It is my belief that religious, and similar, beliefs should not occupy the public square where they can impact non believers. They should only been present in private spaces. You can believe whatever you like in private but the law is the law for us all.

So even if a religion demands that it's followers must believe in the most appalling (to others) concepts so long as that idea remains within their walls no harm is done. As soon as anyone steps outside with those ideas and into shared space the law must step in. In practice I don't think that a majority of educated Muslims truly believe in death for blasphemy etc. I have been to places like Malaysia and not found such ideas to be prevalent. I know it remains an issue in rural communities in places like pakistan and that there is work to do.

This kind of issue is not restricted to Islam. I have encountered it on traditional Catholic forums too where fundamentalist, Old Testament, attitudes towards non believers can readily be found. Look up Dominionism. Although perhaps not as extreme it indicates the scary nature of an absolute faith.

Globalisation certainly did not arrive by magic but neither did it arrive as a consequence of greed or any kind of overall plan by some mythical "elite". It arrived as the natural evolutionary consequence of the way our world has developed, helped along by the UN as a means to try to alleviate poverty and create a more equitable world. For sure capitalism was involved because that's what the world turns on.

The motivation for mass immigration is not to make more profit. It is both to respond to humanitarian needs and to plug gaps in the labour market. When I owned a care home I could not find staff locally so had to recruit overseas. The alternative was to close the business, which would have been a disaster for everyone involved. I didn't get rich but I did keep afloat. On a much bigger scale the NHS could not survive without immigration, both of medical staff and support workers. That will continue for ever, so far as I can see.

Capitalism is indeed an extension of the natural evolution of mankind and the survival of the fittest. That does not mean, however, that its principles are good for all or that the details should be accepted without question.

If we wish to have a global community and a global government, largely brought by the desire of commerce to make us all global consumers and workers, then we have to rid ourselves of the things that divide us.
Religion and culture will have to be sacrificed or we will be in perpetual conflict. I don't see that happening because humans like division. It's in their nature. Some of those capitalists love conflict too. War makes them lots of money.

We also have a wealth gap and crime to consider.
When you have large movements of people from poor to relatively rich countries, we will have a major problem with this as well as resource shortages.

I only see one result for a vastly increasing population, mass immigrations and globalisation.

Endless hell for future generations and an eventual breakdown of civilisation.


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